Top TweakBox App Alternatives for iOS and Android

Most jailbreakers are well aware that Cydia is fast becoming a rarity; all of the recent jailbreak utilities that have managed to be released are semi untethered, and each is quite limited to specific groups of users. Luckily, we are not without options. In recent times a series of Cydia alternatives has been released, and the best is one called TweakBox. Packed with over 2000+ apps, games, tweaks, and more, TweakBox has proven popular. However, no matter how many apps are in the installer, it can’t possibly have everything, and not all the apps will work for everyone.

This isn’t a problem, though, because there are alternatives to TweakBox and plenty of them. The big question is, which one do you choose. Before we look at three of the very best, let’s look at a quick comparison between the installers and Cydia in terms of speed.

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We tested the speed of Tweakbox, TutuApp, ACMarket, Panda Helper, and Cydia. TweakBox Installer is by far the fastest in terms of download speed, with Cydia falling far behind every single one of them. This is one of the reasons why TweakBox is so popular and is closely followed by Emus4U.

Read on for a comparison between the three top TweakBox alternatives:


The next best app installer to TweakBox is TutuApp. Slightly different, it does offer thousands of apps and games, many that have been tweaked or modified with additional features, and some Cydia tweaks but it also offers quite a range of games emulators. These are the only way to play popular and retro console games on your iPhone or iPad, and that makes this quite a unique installer.

TutuApp is safe to use, it is updated regularly, and new apps and games are being added all the time. Two of the most popular downloads from TutuApp are HappyChick Emulator, a retro console emulator app for gaming, and Spotify++, a modified version of the stock app with some cool new features.


Panda Helper is another brilliant alternative to TweakBox and is also a good choice for Android users; not only does it contain some Android content, but the developers have also come up with the APK file needed to install it on the Android platform. Panda Helper comes in two flavors – a free version that is supported by ads and a VIP version. That latter requires a one-off payment but offers no ads an a much faster service, not to mention a bigger choice of apps and games for users and much better quality.


Lastly, we have ACMarket. This one is for Android users only and is the only third-party app installer to provide an alternative to the official Play Store. Packed with Android apps and games, it contains loads of modified content and lots of official apps. Unlike previous methods of installing third-party content on an Android device, ACMarket does not require you to root your device first, making it a much safer alternative. Check out the link above for more details.

Every one of these installers has a number of things in common:

  • First, they all offer users what Cydia no longer provides and what the official app stores have never provided. Included in them are third-party apps, tweaked with new and better features, apps like Spotify++ Instagram++, WhatsApp++, and more. Also games with in-app features unlocked for free and new features added in, as well as modified games for free, including Minecraft PE, Last day on Earth, GTA and many more. They also include fully featured screen recorders that offer far more than the stock apps do, along with plenty of other content.
  • None of them require you to jailbreak or root your iOS or Android device. This makes them a whole lot safer to use as they do not break any security protocols on your device and don’t leave your device open to malware, virus, or any other external threat.
  • Every one of them is safe to use and has been thoroughly tested by the developers, beta testers, and by ourselves. They are all updated regularly, not just to maintain safety but to add new apps and games too.

Using these app installers, anyone can now download and enjoy whatever apps they want for free. With the games, this gives you a substantial competitive advantage over your opponents, and the apps provide you with any more useful features. None of the extra features added in can be found in the stock versions of the apps and games, only when you download them using one of these app installers.

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There is one problem that plagues all third-party installers and any app or game contained in them. Because none of them are official, they are not supported by Apple, and they all run on expired enterprise certificates. Apple will regularly scan for these certificates and revoke them when they find them, causing the app installer to crash. While you could sit and reinstall everything, you must be prepared to do this regularly.

Alternatively, you could install a recommended VPN alongside the app installer; as well as providing you with protection for your online identity, it also hides where your software is installed; that means that neither Apple nor your mobile or internet provider can see the app certificate and that means they cannot revoke it.

Do give these installers a try. If you are one of the those who cannot jailbreak, doesn’t want a semi-untethered jailbreak or doesn’t want to go down that route at all, these third-party installers are worth their weight in gold. With so much on offer, so many apps, games, and tweaks to choose from, you should be able to find pretty much anything you want.

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