Best iOS Emulator For Android – Install & Run iOS Apps on Android

Have you ever wondered that Whether or not you can Install iOS apps on Android smartphones Well, the Answer to the above question is “Yes, You can run iOS apps on Android Device”? But How? You might ask, well, that’s what this Post is all about – the Best iOS emulator for Android.


iOS is one of the most stable and best-Operating systems out there, the Apps made for the Operating System are also very appealing, but unfortunately, only a few people can experience that due to the Jaw-Dropping Pricing of the Apple iPhones. Well, you don’t need to worry now as you can experience that on your Android Device. Yes! On Android, which is one of the Most Popular and Powerful Operating System handling the Smartphone Market Right Now. So let us now start our Guide on How to Run iOS Apps on Android.

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Before getting straight to the Best iOS emulator for Android, let us first know what an iOS Emulator is.


Install iOS Apps on Android
Install iOS Apps on Android

As you might already know that iOS Apps are only compatible with the Apple Devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. But to make it run on the Android Device, we need some Program that can make it compatible with the app to the Operating System, which in this case is Android.

In Simple and Easy words, an Emulator is software that leads the User to use a particular feature or App from any System to the Desired System, which in this case are iOS and Android, respectively.

So, Now when you have got an Idea of What an Emulator is, let us get to the Best iOS Emulators for Android, which will enable you to run iOS Apps on Android.

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CIDER APP (Now called as Cycada) – 

Cider App

Cider is a free iOS emulator for Android Devices. The app is available for free on their website. This free app will help you to Run iOS Apps on Android with Ease. You can experience the iOS Apps straight on your Android Device, but before installing this free iOS emulator for your Android Device, please make sure that your Device has enough storage space available and has enough RAM to get a Lag free Smooth Experience.


To Install iOS Apps on Android, you need to download the Cider Apk. Once you have successfully downloaded the APK File, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the Installation Guide at the end of this post.

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iEMU is another great iOS Emulator App that is developed by an eminent Android specialist, and it does help in unlocking the possibilities of an iPhone for your Android Device at no cost. The iEMU iOS Emulator for Android Smartphones is not available on the Play Store for some reasons, but you can still download it from here – 


This iOS emulator works super fine; the performance is buttery smooth, with no lag whatsoever & you can expect a nice experience with the help of this App.

Once you have successfully downloaded the APK File, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the Installation Guide below. (It might install on your phone by the name ‘padiod‘)


Go to File Manager on your Android Device like Stock or ES file Manager.

1. Now go to the ‘Downloads’ Folder.

2. Now, you should find a file called “app_name.apk.” Just tap on it. (Here, ‘app_name’ means it can be either the Cider app or the iEMU app).

3. You should now be able to see two options, One for “Install” and another one for the “Cancel.”

4. Tap on ‘Install.’ Now, if you get any Unknown Sources Warning, just don’t worry, follow the below steps and tap on Install Again. If the Installation Process has started, go to step 6.

  • First of All, go to your Android Device Settings.
  • Now tap on Security.
  • You should find an option for “Unknown Sources” with a check box against it.
  • Just tap on it and Tap OK.
  • Done! Now try installing that Apk file Again.

5. Wait for the Installation Process to get Completed, it may take a while.

6. Once it’s completed, you’ll get two Options, ‘Done’ and ‘Open.’

7. Tap on Done.

8. Now go to Home and Apps.

9. You should see a New Icon for Cider.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed a free iOS Emulator for Android. Now, you can run iOS Apps on Android for free.

So, this was our post on Best iOS Emulator App for Android, let us know if you know some other iOS Emulators. In case you are facing any Problems or have any questions or queries related to this, then let us know them in the Comments Section down below. We, Will, love to hear your opinions and thoughts.