Unknown Sony I8134 shows up on AnTuTu, scores 395K

First thing first, the very first time we heard about the Sony I8134 was in November last year when the phone showed up on Geekbench with the Snapdragon 8150 or the Snapdragon 855 processor. Now, the upcoming Xperia XA3, XA3 Ultra, etc are expected to have the model numbers as I3XX/I4XX which means the I8XX is the model number of the high-end phones from Sony that are launching in 2019.

NOTE – The scores could be fake so consider this leak with a pinch of salt

Sony i8134 on AnTuTu
Sony I8134 on AnTuTu

Today, the Sony I8134 showed up on AnTuTu benchmark with the Snapdragon 855 processor. Not much was revealed except for the AnTuTu score that is around 395K-396K. This is the highest score ever on AnTuTu benchmark. The last time Snapdragon 855 was benchmarked on AnTuTu, we had a score of around 343K. It is not confirmed yet if the Sony I8134 is the Sony Xperia XZ4, but it is a premium high-end phone that is launching this year.

As for the Xperia XZ4, it has a 21:9 aspect ratio, triple cameras on the rear, Snapdragon 855 processor, etc. which is almost confirmed, thanks to the previous leak.


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