Most Powerful online tools to improve your writing skills

Writing is a tool that is used to communicate an individual’s thoughts. It can also be considered a form of art as it requires some creativity.  To relay the message to the reader, ingenuity in sentence construction and choice of words makes the writing interesting. However, one can make mistakes while writing therefore, essay writing services make sure those mistakes are corrected. Here are some powerful online tools that can help improve your writing skills.


  • Online Proofreader

There are numerous online websites that offer proofreading services. Proofreading is critical in writing, as it enables the author to publish a polished article. This is the final step in writing, and it is meant to correct any punctuation and spelling errors. There is the traditional method of manually reading and identifying the errors however, it can be tiresome, especially if it’s a large article. Online proofreading services utilize the latest software and professional proofreaders to go through your work faster and efficiently thoroughly. One of the online proofreading websites is Grammarly.

  • Passive voice checker

Passive voice is the construction of sentences in a manner that focuses on the patient of the action rather than the agent or doer of the action. The technique is not grammatically incorrect; however, considered a dull approach in writing. It is a matter of style, but it is advised to be active in the construction of your sentences as it is clearer. A passive voice checker is able to detect the sentences written in the passive voice. 

  • Essay Map

Writing an essay can be challenging, especially if the writer does not have a specific plan of attack. According to experts from fast-growing writing service Resume That Works, a tip for writing students, make sure that you have an organized layout of how you will express each idea in the essay. The essay map is a graphic organizer that can help develop outlines, main, and supporting ideas.  The graphic representation shows the student the desired essay length of introductions, body, and conclusion, and which main and supporting ideas will occupy those parts.

  • Word Counter

Word count is important in essay writing, especially as it is paramount in ensuring that a passage stays within a required length. Forms of writing that pay attention to word count include; 

  • Academic writing
  • Journalism
  • Advertising

This is because such jobs may attract a fee, and the word count is used as a measure in determining the price for a text. It can also be used to measure readability, typing, and reading speed. will ensure that your passage is of the desired length.

  • Google Timer

Google timer is a tool that an English writer should consider getting to help in maximizing their writing. The timer comes with a timer Countdown, alarm clock, and stopwatch, which are necessary for time management. As a writer, time management is critical to improving as a writer. A lot of practice is one of the ways on how to improve writing skills. Writing services such as academic writing have a certain deadline that is required to be met; therefore, the google timer will ensure that you can complete the assignment on time.

  • Google Docs

Google docs is a free online writing tool that provides an author with effectiveness and stylish editing. It is equipped with hundreds of fonts, images, and drawings to choose from. The templates are professional and stylish, which will make your writing experience fun and invoke some inspiration. It is fast, easy, and convenient as you can write and edit your document on the go. This is one of the best writing tools for writing students and writers, and editor John Williams from can attest to it.

  • Grammarly

This is a powerful writing tool that comes in free and paid versions. It is one of the best writing tools as it, unlike other tools, Grammarly has managed to combine numerous writing services into one software. Its products include;

  • Proofreader
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Style checker
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Tone detector

The tool is guaranteed to make your passage error-free and professional. Students can also utilize the tool to learn more about how to improve English and come up with interesting texts.

  • Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a form of artistic dishonesty, and it is heavily discouraged. It involves the act of taking someone else’s work and passing it off one’s own work. The plagiarism checker ensures that an author does not commit plagiarism. There are some instances where an author requires the use of some ideas or text of another author. In this case, the tool ensures that you cite and quote the passage correctly so that you can avoid this violation.

  • Focus Writer

This is a tool that provides a writer with a distraction-free environment. It utilizes interfaces that are compatible with writing programs enabling the writer to immerse themselves into their work. This is a huge tool to help with time management.

When writing, it is critical to capture and retain the reader’s attention. Digital tools have been able to transform the art of writing and provide writers with tools to help improve their craft. Online tools for writing and editing have made it easy for anyone to write professional passages and express their thoughts and emotions to the world. Any form of writer, professional, or student should take advantage of these services to truly refine their writing.

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