Sony rumored to launch 3 flagships & 2 mid-rangers soon

Sony is struggling to make its mark with its Xperia phones & this year, we saw a whole new design for the Xperia phones as the company went for a 21:9 screen. This was the first time we got such an aspect ratio screen on any smartphone. Motorola followed the same by launching the Motorola One Vision with a 21:9 screen.

Now, despite already have launched a flagship this year, a source claims that there are three new Sony flagships in the works that will launch in coming months. Moreover, there are at least two mid-rangers as well.

As per a user on Twitter, there are three new Sony Flagships coming soon & the chipset powering them is the all-new Snapdragon 855 Plus that we saw on recently launched gaming phones like the ROG Phone 2 & Black Shark 2 Pro.

There are three phones with three display sizes. So, the one with the biggest screen has a 6.5-inch 4K panel, then there is a 6.1-inch device with a normal screen (no 4K), & finally, we have a compact phone with a 5.7-inch panel.

There is a ‘New’ 12MP camera with a 1/1.7inch sensor, 2GB DRAM & ‘New’ Super Slow Motion.

Then there are two upcoming mid-range phones with Dual 12MP cameras & Snapdragon 710 (We don’t know whether both have the same chipset).

The phones might launch at the IFA 2019 that’s happening in September.

Well, the source is not the most trusted one so definitely consider this information with a pinch of salt. Still, do you think Sony can compete with the likes of Galaxies & iPhones? Do let us know via the comments section below.