SimCity Planning Guide: 5 Useful Tips for Beginners

SimCity Planning Guide: 5 Useful Tips for Beginners

Want to build and develop a city of your ideas? Then have you known SimCity! SimCity is a city-building game which is available in various versions for computer, console, and mobile devices. Maxis publish it in the year 1989. Will Wright develops SimCity the video game series. In SimCity, you will be given some tasks to perform. So that according to the tasks you can develop a city with various facilities like development zones, commercial zones, residential zones, etc.


SimCity Planning Guide
SimCity Planning Guide

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For a beginner, there are certain SimCity Buildit hack (SimCity Planning Guide) & tips to develop your dream city in the game. They are as follows:

  1. Health Tip
  2. Water Tip
  3. Education Tip
  4. Fire Tip
  5. Traffic and RCI Tips

Health Tip:

While building the residential areas make sure these are far from the polluters. Polluters such as industries, trash dumps, factories, oil or coal power plants, etc. So that the Sims i.e. people in your city will be less affected from pollution. And hence your Sims will be healthier in the residential areas than the industrial or factories zones. Following these strategies while developing cities will make your Sims life happier and healthier.

Water Tip:

Make sure future water supply is possible. If you can afford more on water, then build water pumps and sewer water plants near to each other. So that if the water runs out, you can borrow it from the nearest sewer water plants. Also, use filtered water pumps instead of default water pumps. Because these filtration pumps are helpful for removing ground pollution from the water. Therefore this tip will improve the quality of water resources and also gives pure water for your Sims.

Education Tip:

Education plays a key role in keeping your Sims happy, healthy, and also prevents crime levels. Also, check whether the community colleges and universities are unlocked or not. Stay away from a school which has a bug that causes students to disappear. Instead of those schools build community colleges. You can go to a university if you need a higher tech level. You can also increase tech level by building the following

  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • The Academy
  • Vu Tower and Vu lab add-on
  • Education level on Elite Mega towers
  • The Space Sport great work

To keep education levels high, build one or two universities only. Don’t build multiple universities. If you have enough space in your map, then build factory instead of university. Places where a factory can’t fit then add a university there. Build school of Medicine it will help in decreasing the chances of getting sick for your Sims. This Education tip is useful in maintaining the level of education and also the health of your Sims in the City.

Fire Tip:

Fire helicopters are the best way to control fires in your city. If you can afford to build a large fire station with only fire helicopters rather than small fire stations. But these fire helicopters will not be dispatched unless your fire trucks get stuck in traffic or already made an attempt to reach the fire. So to call your fire helicopters, you need to do certain things. Those are:

  • Remove all the small fire stations
  • Build a large fire station
  • If you can afford then add as many helicopter pads and also add dispatch towers
  • Add more Fire Marshall offices
  • After unlocking the Hazmat Fire trucks, add those. For regular fires, these won’t dispatch the helicopters.

Start with a single fire helicopter because they are expensive. After slowly expand these helicopters as needed. Occurring the fires will be prevented by having a good education system.

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Traffic and RCI Tips:

When dealing with traffic, many people will think for a free flowing avoiding the grid lock. Grid lock will occur due to flaws in your layout and with the distribution of RCI. To avoid the Grid lock follow the SimCity Traffic and RCI Tips below:

  • Controlling the traffic must be easy for your Sims to follow the cycle. (Home—Work—Home—Shop—Home)
  • In commercial zones you will get both work and shopping, there you will find double traffic in these zones.
  • Using bridges and tunnels as shortcuts from one zone to another will reduce traffic.
  • If a dirt road is shortest, then your Sims use these shortest paths and ignore others.
  • Build a clinic in the industrial area or the residential area will work best.
  • For a balanced city maintain the RCI ratio 2:1:1.

For beginners who are going to play SimCity game need to learn the above tips. While building a city, there are certain things must consider for a hygiene and educated environment for the Sims. Following these five tips will help you success quickly in SimCity. So, that was all about the SimCity Planning Guide. Liked it? Do let us know via the comments section.