How To Save Game Data On Android With Helium

Save Game Data On Android

Consider this, you are a gamer, you have multiple devices you play your games with, but sometimes it becomes hard to sync the progress with all of them. In fact, most of the time, when someone is playing a game, the data would not save to the cloud. But why? As the function might not invoke itself on its own or it might be in a menu where you probably would not intend to reach out to do so, certainly. Instead, it stores all such data on the device. Even if it did, there is a 1:0 that they will force cancel the sync. Maybe by doing so, they could protect all their precious gems they collected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, we never know.

So, often users are forced to take matters into their hands. While tools like Titanium Backup exist for rooted Android users, for those who like to keep their device’s stock, but still want a useful tool, Helium works quite well for those not afraid to get their hands a little dirty with rooting and modding. So, how to save game data on Android with the help of Helium? Well, before talking about that, we will discuss what Helium is.

> What is Helium?

Helium Interface

This app was made by Koushik Dutta, otherwise known as ClockworkMod. He originally worked with custom ROM maker Cyanogen, but now his primary public work is with ClockworkMod, making tools that help expand Android devices’ functionality. He made Tether for USB internet tethering, one of the first non-Google solutions for Chromecast support in AllCast, and now makes remote Android app solution Vysor. Helium is perhaps the tool best for gamers, as this app backup solution makes it possible to save game data on Android, upload it to a cloud-based service, and then restore it on another device. Or even the same device, if doing a restore.

The way this works is that Helium uses Android’s built-in system backup features to back up an individual app’s preferences files to a certain save point, and then you can restore it. There’s backdoor method being used here, where you have to link up to a computer to enable the functionality since it’s something only developers typically have access to. Rooted users do not have to do this, but obviously, they have access to other tools as well.

The point is that it works, once you get it all set up properly.

Yay! You can now Save Game Data on Android. But wait! You need some tools to proceed, download them now:

helium connects to computer enabler

Download the app from Google Play. Also, download the computer Helium enabler app. If you’re on Windows 10, you may want to download the Windows client instead of just the Chrome client. Plug your Android device into your computer and follow the instructions. You may need to enable Developer options on your device which can be found in Settings, finding the Build Version information, and then tapping the Build Version repeatedly until you unlock developer options, which includes the USB mode option, which may need to be on MTP (media transfer). Once you run the app on your Android and the enabler on your computer, then Helium is good for use. Do note that you will need to connect your computer to the enabler once you restart your device.

There is also a premium unlock for the app, which brings several key features. Not only does this support the developer and remove ads, but it also enables backing up to and restoring from cloud storage.

> Start Backup

Save Game Data on Android

Once the app is enabled, choose the app that you want to backup from the list provided. Choose the apps that you want to back up. You can select as few or as many as you want, with the app selector at the bottom shrinking as you select more apps. You can also create a group of apps for common backup/restoration. Also, you can choose whether to just backup the app’s data or also the app itself. Note that for larger games, backing up the entire app will take up a lot of space, so unless the app came from a source outside Google Play, it’s worth avoiding this option.

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Once you have selected your backups, you can then back them up either to local storage or to the cloud storage choices you have made if you’ve bought the Premium unlock. Once you do this, your apps will start to back up! Some odd menus will pop up, do not touch anything! Helium will configure these automatically after a few seconds, nothing to fear. You can also set Helium to automatically back up apps on a schedule of your choosing. Once this process is complete, your apps will be available at the location you chose, though with cloud saving, you don’t have to touch the backups at all.

> How to restore?

Save Game Data on Android

To restore apps, you go to the Restore tab, and then either choose your cloud storage provider where you’ve backed up your apps, or select the device itself if it is on. Each app with backups will be shown sorted by the device when you use Google Drive so that you can easily keep track of where each backup came from, also with the date of the backup indicated. Note that this process isn’t guaranteed to work with every app, especially if the app’s data is tied into online features or has some encrypted logins, but it will work for many apps and games without issue.

To conclude I could say that this is the best way to sync your games, save game data on Android, with more functionality and control over what, than any other app.

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