Check Out This Samsung Foldable Smartphone Concept

It’s been almost a couple of years that we hear rumors about a Foldable Smartphone by Samsung. Recently, even Nokia filed a patent that shows that then Nokia is also planning to launch a Foldable device in future. We still have no information when this device will be launched by the company. Some sources suggest that it might take one more year for the company to launch this device officially. Anyways, designers try to make concepts of the upcoming devices so here we are with a new concept that shows how the Samsung’s Foldable Display smartphone could look like. Before getting started, make sure you check out the Google Pixel 2 concept that was spotted yesterday.


As you can see in the images above, we have a device that can be used both as a tablet as well as a smartphone. TO use it as a simple phone, we need to fold it and do the opposite to use it as a tablet. Another image shows how we can use a keyboard to use this device as a Notebook. Obviously, a very advanced software and hardware technologies are going to be used, and we all know that Samsung is best at innovation.  This could be the reason that we still don’t have any official statement about the launch date.

Most probably, we will see this type of the Foldable Smartphone next year. But, some leaks reveal that a couple of typical foldable smartphones named Samsung Galaxy X1, and Galaxy X1 Plus are coming in Q3-Q4 this year. This year is surely going to be a great year because we now have Nokia back into business and also Samsung is going to do significant hardware changes in its upcoming devices.

What are your opinions? Do you want to see a Foldable Smartphone? Do let us know your views via the comments section below. Cheers 🙂


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