This Google Pixel 2 Concept Shows How We Really Wanted Pixel To Look!

Ok, this is just a concept. But, everything begins with a concept or an imaginations right? Well, Last year Google stunned everyone by releasing the Pixel devices instead of Nexus. So, last year was also the end of Nexus lineup. We got a new ‘Made by Google’ lineup named Pixel. And the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are still the best Android devices out there in every aspect. Many Android enthusiasts didn’t appreciate the design of Pixel phones because it was a bit odd and those empty spaces on top and bottom could’ve been filled with screen or even front firing speakers. But, a new Google Pixel 2 concept has been released by the Designer Milineam N that shows a design which we all wanted to see in Google’s Pixel series.

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First of all, coming to the rear, we have a couple of sensor with a pair of microphones on the top-centre and below that is the camera. The flash is just below it followed by a fingerprint scanner. At the extreme lower end, we have the Google’s logo. The back looks beautiful with the all glass design. Coming to the front, we have the front-facing camera, the earpiece and below that is the screen. The designer has pretty well filled the space on both the top as well as on the bottom. There are dual front speakers, but both of them are below the screen. The USB Type-C port is there and yes; the 3.5mm headphone jack is still alive.

If somehow we are going to see such type of design by Google in the upcoming Google Pixel 2 then surely this will be one of the most beautiful looking phones of 2017. What are your views? Do you like this concept? Do let us know via the comments section below Cheers 🙂


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  1. Your Design is great, I loved it actually really hope google will deliver this with the glass sandwich, hope they will add wireless charging.
    What’s the point in dual front facing speakers if they are are not at opposite ends? We previously used on N6 and N6p and google wants us to adapt to the single speaker(which is a deal breaker).

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