Red Magic 9S Pro – Here’s our official first look

The phone is launching on July 3!

The Red Magic 9 series was launched in November last year, featuring the Red Magic 9 Pro & Red Magic 9 Pro+, both with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. The brand is now all set to launch the Red Magic 9S Pro in the Chinese market. The launch date is July 3 and the phone will feature the overclocked version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with a CPU clocked at up to 3.4GHz, versus 3.3GHz. This overclocked version has a GPU clocked at up to 1GHz, 10% higher than the GPU in the standard version.

The brand has now shared the official images of the device on Weibo, revealing the color options and the design.

Speaking of the design, the Red Magic 9S Pro has a similar design language as the Red Magic 9 Pro, but the back is cleaner, especially in the plain white color option. The other two color options feature a transparent look on the back. Apart from the back design, there is no change in the overall design language. The phone has a flat frame, a flat display with no hole punch cutout, a dual camera setup on the rear with no camera bump, a cooling fan, air vents on the side, and more.

The phone features an upgraded ICE 13.5 cooling system that makes the body temperature drop by up to 19.5 degrees and the CPU core temperature by up to 25 degrees. There is a massive 6,500mAh battery with 165W fast charging support. The under-display selfie camera has a 16MP sensor and the company says the details in the pictures are increased by up to 30%. The display is a BOE Q9+ OLED.

For now, that’s all we know about the Red Magic 9S Pro. Apart from the performance and cooling, we do not expect any major upgrades over the Red Magic 9 Pro, something that has been the theme of these “S” series phones by Red Magic.

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