How to Install AppVN APK on Android

A new alternative app store has become available for Android users, called AppVN. A social network as well, AppVN is packed with third-party apps and games, emulators, eBooks, and a lot more. The idea behind the store is to give Android users more choice of apps, unofficial apps that the Play Store doesn’t allow for one reason or another – usually policy restrictions and geo-restrictions, and it is incredibly versatile and flexible.

There is one thing you should be aware of with AppVN, though – as the store is unofficial, so is all the content, and none of the apps or games are covered by the Play Protect verification mechanism. That means although the store is safe to use when you download it, you take the risk yourself as the developers will not take any liability for unverified apps.

That aside, AppVN is entirely free to download, and you won’t find any hidden charges anywhere – every app, game, emulator, eBook, and everything else the store offers is also free. Lastly, it is updated regularly, which means it is kept secure and is constantly improving; you need to install the updates to keep it that way.


How to Download AppVN on Android:

If you are happy to try AppVN on your Android smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. First, your device needs to know that it has permission to install unofficial content, so you need to go into Android settings
  2. Tap the Security or Privacy option (depending on which firmware version you are running)
  3. Next, find the setting to Allow Downloads from Unofficial sources – use the slider next to it to ensure it is enabled and close Settings.
  4. Now you can download the AppVN APK file onto your device – make sure only to use the official link provided
  5. Go to your downloads folder and tap on the file to begin the installation
  6. Note – if Unknown Sources wasn’t enabled, you might face an App Blocked error – go to Mobile Menu > Settings > Security and make sure it is enabled before continuing with the installation
  7. When you see AppVN on your home page, you know that the app store is installed and ready to use

Download AppVN on Windows:

Because AppVN is an Android file, you get the bonus of using it on your Windows or Mac computer. Although it has no official desktop support, all you need is a free Android emulator – follow these steps, and you will soon have a brand new app store on your desktop:

  1. Open your desktop browser and download the Nox Android emulator onto your device
  2. Open the emulator and allow it to set up – this will take a few minutes, and you will need a Google account to sign into it – free if you need to sign up for one.
  3. While Nox is setting up, go ahead and download the AppVN APK file onto your desktop
  4. When the emulator is ready, find the .apk file and drag it into Nox
  5. Or you can right-click the file and choose Open With Nox Player or type AppVN in the Nox Player search bar
  6. When the file is in Nox Player, click it and let it install
  7. AppVN will be accessible via the emulator.

AppVN Features:

The features on offer in AppVN are far superior to those of many other similar app installers. Some of the best features include:

  • Multi-Platform – you can use AppVN on your Android and iOS devices and, with an emulator, on your Mac or Windows PC
  • User-Friendly – a simple interface makes navigation easy, and the built-in search bar means you can easily find apps and games.
  • Free – not only is AppVN free, but all the apps, games, and any in-app features are also free. You can also download from a massive choice of popular eBooks, streaming apps, and more.
  • Cool Games – plenty of popular games, including Minecraft PE, and more being added all the time
  • Language Support – AppVN supports many more languages than similar stores
  • Small – AppVN doesn’t take any more space than 20 MB, and it also won’t hog all your device resources
  • Advanced Search Bar – allows you to search for specific apps, games, movies, and more
  • No Need to Register – you don’t need to provide any details – download it, and away you go. The only thing you will need is a Google account if you want to install AppVN on your PC – that requires the emulator
  • One-Click Installation – download your apps in seconds

Are you going to try AppVN on your Android device? It is one of a few Android app stores offering a break from the official store, with plenty of free third-party apps and games, along with a lot of other content. Try it today; you won’t be disappointed.