How to Install ACMarket App on a Windows PC

The official Android app store is the largest globally, but it doesn’t always offer everything a user wants. Sure, it has more than 2 million apps and games, but it doesn’t offer the unofficial apps that Google won’t allow in. Instead, users have been turning to another app store called ACMarket, an alternative that does offer all those apps and more.

ACMarket is completely free for all users, there’s no need to root your Android device, and now you can even use it on your Windows or Mac computer. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher and macOS and is one of the most popular alternative app stores, so read on for all the details.


This is quite simple, but it isn’t compatible with either desktop operating systems, as it is an Android app. Not directly, anyway. You will need to download a reputable Android emulator onto your computer first – we would recommend using Nox or BlueStacks as they are two of the most efficient and reliable.

Once you’ve done that, you can download the ACMarket APK file and use the app store on your desktop. Why would you want to do this? Well, not only do you get to use your desktop’s considerable resources for your favorite Android apps, but you also get an alternative app store to use.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Using the official websites, download Nox Emulator onto your computer.
  2. Launch the emulator on your computer and sign in using a Google account – use your own or set a new one up
  3. Now download the ACMarket APK file onto your computer and save it.
  4. On the emulator home page, go to the search bar and type ACMarket in. Alternatively, find and right-click the APK file and click on Open With ( the emulator app )
  5. Whichever way you choose, click the relevant result and wait for the app store to be installed – the icon will appear on the emulator’s home page, and the app is ready to use.


When you use ACMarket on your desktop, you get loads of benefits:

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly app
  • Easy to navigate
  • Choose from thousands of apps, games, and more.
  • Use the built-in filters to find an app or game easily.
  • Everything is free to use, with no hidden fees.
  • Unlike the mobile app, the desktop is not full of ads.
  • It doesn’t use many of your desktop resources or interfere with anything else on your system.
  • Loads more features

How to Use ACMarket on PC or Mac

ACMarket is dead simple to use, just as easy as the official app stores:

  1. Launch BlueStacks or Nox emulator on your computer
  2. Click on the ACMarket icon.
  3. The app store will open, browse for apps or games, or use the built-in search box if you are looking for something in particular.
  4. Click on your choice of app or game and then click on Install.
  5. You will see the app icon on your desktop and in the emulator; it is ready to use

Stop ACMarket Crashing on PC or Mac

ACMarket is an Android app, and that means it isn’t really compatible with macOS or Windows. Because of that, there is a good chance that it will crash, and there’s a good reason for that – Google isn’t overly fond of anything unofficial, particularly when, like ACMarket, it is using expired app certificates to run. To stop you from using it, they revoke the app certificate, causing the app to crash and rendering it unusable.

They will do this within a few days of you installing it and, even though it isn’t running on an Android device, ACMarket will be affected on your desktop. Yes, you can go through the hassle of reinstalling it and starting over, but that means having to reinstall every app or game you might have installed. The best way around it is to prevent it from happening.

A reputable, reliable VPN is the answer, and preferably a paid one as free ones generally don’t offer the same security level. Install the VPN and activate it and, when you use ACMarket, the certificate will be hidden. Google won’t track your app store usage, which means they cannot revoke the certificate.

ACMarket is a fantastic alternative app store, not just for Android devices but also for macOS and Windows users. It offers thousands of official and unofficial apps and games that you can’t download for use on your desktop anywhere else.

It’s completely free. It’s legal to use, and it is safe to use. And with an Android emulator at your disposal, its simple to get your favourite Android apps on your desktop. Try it today; you won’t be disappointed.