How to Play Android Games on Laptop using Nox Player

If you want to play your Android games on your PC or Mac, all you need is the Nox Player Android emulator. Read on to find out more.


  1. Using your desktop browser, download Nox Player using one of the above links.
  2. Find and click on the download to install it.
  3. Click Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Install.
  4. Choose online (quick) or offline (longer) installation and wait for Nox to be installed.


  1. Click the Nox player icon to open the app and let it set up – be patient.
  2. On the Nox home screen, you will see Google Play Store and a few other icons – click on Google.
  3. Set your account using your Google details or set up a new one
  4. Continue setting up or skip to go straight to Nox Player.
  5. You should now see lots of new options on the right sidebar – APK installation, file transfer, etc.


  • Smooth and Fast – the Nox developers place speed and smoothness as their priorities, and they don’t disappoint. You can even customize some of the performance settings to suit your computer, including choosing the number of CPUs (2 for normal gameplay) and how much RAM to use
  • Compatible with External Controllers – many Android devices don’t offer this support, but Nox Player does, giving you a much better game playing experience. That support includes the Xbox controller
  • Emulates Your Android Device – including lots of device-specific information, such as phone number, device model, IMEI number, and much more
  • Root Access – Nox is rooted out of the box with SuperUser, so you immediately have full access to your desktop file system


Read on to find out more about Nox Player

What is Nox Player Used For?

It is one of the best Android emulators available today, giving you the opportunity to use your Mac or PC to play Android games on. With Nox Player at your disposal, you can use your computer resources, such as a larger screen, more RAM, more storage, better processors, and much more, enhancing your game playing abilities and experience.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. Nox Player was tested though many of the major antivirus and antimalware platforms and passed with flying colors.

Is it Free?

Yes, 100% free to use on any Mac or Windows PC.

How Does it Compare to BlueStacks?

Both emulators are good, but Nox edges ahead of BlueStacks in a couple of ways:

  • While BlueStacks is the larger of the two emulators, it has been slowed down by a recent update, affecting its performance. Nox is the best for gameplaying and doesn’t have any performance lags.
  • You can root Nox Player much easier than you can BlueStacks
  • BlueStacks did get high scores on many benchmark tests, but Nox Player, being smaller, is lighter and takes fewer of your computer resources. It doesn’t have such high system requirements and is your best bet where compatibility becomes an issue.

I want to Connect My Game Controller – How Do I Do it?

  1. Connect your controller to your PC or Mac, making sure to use the right cable
  2. You will see the Controller Icon appear at the top of the Nox Player Screen when the connection is successful.
  3. Tap the Controller icon, and the Controller settings open.
  4. Make any changes that you want, Save and close – your controller is ready for use.

Download Nox Player and reap the rewards of combining your computer with the Android system. Not only can you take advantage of your Android app store apps, but you can also download any other APK from the internet and install it through Nox Player.