The Best 7 Digital Signage Hardware Players Based On Android

Digital signage has gained popularity in the 21sts century. As the second decade of this century is nearly getting into the books of history, much has changed, especially with mobile device uses in entertainment, communication, and advertising. In this perspective, millions of users own android devices that work best with Digital Signage hardware. That said, now is the time to implement the best digital signage solution that incorporates the most affordable, reliable, and accessible android operating system.


If you are looking for the top android digital signage players ranging from the high-speed processing power hardware to plug-and-play devices, then you have come to the right place. We will spare you from painstakingly reading reviews by highlighting the important digital signage hardware specs in 2020’s top digital signage players that can power your digital signs now and beyond.

With that said, the following list includes the top seven Android-based digital signage players you should check-out. Here we go!


For the best value for your money, you should consider Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Powered by Android, the device comes with high capabilities at an affordable price of approximately 200 dollars. Besides, high remote-control capacity, the media box utilizes plug-and-play operation. Put simply, it comes with Nvidia unit with adequate storage space, making it easy to stream high-resolution videos while updating your digital signs with ease. It is a no-brainer choosing Nvidia Shield TV Pro, mainly due to its high-speed processing power and two USB ports that allow you to provision a network of screens with ease.


Suppose you are looking for a reliable android digital signage hardware, the Nvidia Shield TV remains the best budget option. This standard version is equally efficient as the Shield TV Pro; however, its processing speed remains slightly lower. In its capacity, this tv box features a Nvidia Shield TV stick, which is a plug-and-play stick that functions perfectly once you plug it into the TV’s HDMI port. Unfortunately, Nvidia Shield TV does not come with USB sockets, limiting your display provisioning capacity.

  1. LOOK HD-2218 PRO

With up to six-core CPUs, you can never go wrong for choosing this powerful digital signage player. Featuring advantages such as plug-and-play capabilities, HDR display, and true 4K resolution, you can easily take your business to the next level. This android-based hardware should remain a natural selection for its Mali-TB60 GPU and cloud-based CMS that comes with the Look HD-2218 PRO.

  1. QBIC BXP-300

For portable digital signage management, the Qbic BXP-300 is an excellent choice that allows remote access. For the best on-premise displays in 4K resolution, this Android-powered digital signage device features a quad-core processor that supports many digital signage solutions. Unlike in other hardware players, you will find an easily accessible SD card slot and a micro USB port.


It is a popular digital signage hardware that was not initially produced for digital signage usage. However, this does not mean that it does not work as effectively as other hardware meant for the Android TV platform. For affordable signage, the Xiaomi Mi Box S is the best choice because it features Chromecast, making it easy to use, mainly when your digital signage entails displaying desktop images.


The Geniatech APC395X is popular for its capability to incorporate any digital signage app. Powered by Android, it is among the most affordable hardware you will find in the market. With a powerful processor, high memory capacity, and exception processing speed, Geniatech APC395X can support various digital signage software. It is a perfect pick, mainly because it is easy to use.


This digital signage hardware comes with an 8-core processor, which makes it superior in the market. With both a keyboard and a remote controller, you can enjoy the best digital signage. Its WIFI connectivity supports both 5.0 and 2.4 GHz or even up to 1000 MB LAN, making it an attractive design that should impress.


With the advent of the best video display technology, Digital Signage Software, and Digital Signage Apps, your business needs the digital signage player that features the best media playback, Quad-Core Processor, best internet WiFi connectivity, straight forward USB provisioning, sufficient memory, and unfailing remote-control capabilities to run your digital signage.