Behold! Xiaomi 108MP camera phone is coming. Mi Mix 4?

Today, Xiaomi unveiled the 64MP camera technology for phones & became the first smartphone maker in the world to showcase something like this. Now, at the event, Xiaomi also announced something mind-blowing. The company said that it is also bringing a phone with 108MP camera sensor & it will be the first brand to launch a phone with this camera sensor.

Xiaomi Mi MiX 4 108MP

Samsung has now yet unveiled its 108MP camera sensor, but as Xiaomi mentioned at the event, it is a Samsung ISOCELL sensor & it can take photos with a resolution of 12032 x 9024. Let that sink in for a moment! This is an even higher resolution than a 10K resolution.

As per some sources, there will be no other smartphone maker adopting this camera sensor for at least the next two months & Samsung has customised this camera sensor for Xiaomi. So, it is definitely coming with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the upcoming premium flagship from the brand.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Might Feature 108MP Camera
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Might Feature 108MP Camera

Well, Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Product Management Judd Heape was absolutely right when he said earlier this year that smartphones with 64MP & 100MP camera sensors are coming in 2019. Get ready to see a ton of smartphones with 64MP & 108MP cameras next year.

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