Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

The mobile development industry is changing by the minute. Be it any organization, or any industry, mobile application development is required by all. It is only through the development of mobile applications that maximum growth can be achieved, and the target audience can be reached. Thus, it makes it essential to hire mobile app developers who know the trick of the trade and can help your industry stay on the front line. 

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The mobile app industry is always on the move. In that light, what may have been the trend yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. 

Thus, in order to stay up with customer demands, it’s important to know about the trends which are likely to come up in 2020. 

The age of Beacon technology

This is a very crucial mobile application trend that will be very useful for museums, hotels, and the healthcare industry. The application can be of great use in location technology and proximity marketing. Since it’s quite easy to use, learning it will not be difficult at all.

Beacons can be understood as wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to receive and send signals. Owing to its feature, it can be very effective in sales and marketing as well. 

The emergence of 5G wireless service

Moving forward, 5G is going to conquer magnificent grounds in mobile app technology from 2020. 5G service is going to be all about speed. It has been stated that this service is going to be 100 times faster than 4G. 

However, this service will not be very prominent right at the onset of the year. But we can surely expect to see a quantitative shift from 4G service to 5G at the end of 2020. 

Artificial intelligence and smarter application

Artificial intelligence or AI has been making news for quite a few years now. Recently, AI has made certain interesting contributions to the field of mobile app development, and this is going to be in the trend of 2020. 

The integration of artificial intelligence with mobile app development does not only lead to smarter apps but also saves time, money, and efforts of the various mobile app development companies.  

Rise of wearable devices

In all probability, you already know about wearable devices. You are perhaps even using one currently. Wearable devices are nothing new. The smartwatches, trackers, smart rings, fitness bands all fall under the category of wearable devices. 

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But that’s not the end of wearable devices. In fact, it’s just the beginning. A recent research report by business insider stated that there is going to be a 35 percent hike in the wearable device market. In yet another report by Statistica, it has been stated that the wearable device industry is likely to generate a revenue of $33 billion. 

Development of APM

Application Performance Management (APM) has been a fundamental pillar of enterprise mobile app development. APM is the mobile metrics that was introduced by Google in 2016. 

This was basically brought into place to eliminate the snag that slows down the performance of the app. 

Rising integration of EMM

EMM is a platform that aids organizations to enable mobile devices used by the employees securely. This further helps in streamlining the business process by giving way to mobile computing. 

EMM also adds to the productivity quotient of the employees by enabling the exchange of applications and data through mobile devices.

With so many new technological innovations lined up, 2020 does seem bright. Long live technology and development! Regardless of what your mobile app requirements are, it’s crucial to get along with a full-fledged team of professionals that can viably cater to your requirements.