Here are 9 Tips to Help You Master a Macbook

Making a switch from PCs to Macbooks can be tough for some people. It takes time to get used to the new OS. However, some users do not have the time and want to take a proactive approach.

Learning new tips as soon as possible is what they would want. This way, they would master the Mac faster and can do their work or enjoy leisure activities more efficiently.

This article ought to be a good reference for everyone who is tired of being lost when using Macbook computers. Read the tips below and apply them to your everyday usage of the Mac.


Master a Macbook
Photo by Nao Triponez from Pexels

Tip #1 – Enable Auto-Login Feature

People who travel with their Macbooks might not be so keen on enabling auto-login, but there should not be any problem if your computer sits idly at home most of the time.

Saving time can be important, especially for people who are using older Macbooks. These computers tend to underperform a bit. 

Auto-login allows you to avoid the need to type your password every time you boot the Mac. In other words, you will not have to wait so long for everything to load.

Another tip that would help with the time saving is trimming the list of login items. When you launch the computer, having to wait for random applications to load can get pretty annoying. 

You can clear startup items by going to your profile via Users and Groups. You will see the login tab, which allows you to untick boxes next to applications. Make the changes and save them. You will not have to wait so long the next time you reboot the Macbook.

Tip #2 – Free up Disk Space

Macbooks are known for their smaller hard drives. Therefore, a lot of users struggle to have everything on the computer. 

Freeing up disk space will also improve the overall performance of the Mac. Look to delete old applications that you reinstall later. Using cloud services like iCloud and external storage devices will also help. Finally, you can remove junk files like caches and temporary backups.

Tip #3 – Take Screenshots

Screenshots are a bit different when it comes to Macbooks. You can take the whole screen by pressing command + shift + 3. On the other hand, you also have an option to capture only a part of the screen by using command + shift + 4.

There are instances when you are working and need to send a particular part of the video or a picture. Knowing how to capture a specific part will eliminate the need to use editing tools. 

Tip #4 – Add Digital Signatures

Digital signatures can be a life-safer. People who have to work with documents know how annoying it is to sign and resend them back. You need to print the document, make a signature, and scan it.

Meanwhile, Preview lets you create a digital signature. Open any PDF document via the Preview application and select the pen icon. Select “Create Signature”, and it will activate the webcam of the Mac.

Get a piece of white paper and sign on it. Put the signature in front of the camera so that it can scan it and save the signature on the computer. The next time you need to sign a PDF document, you will have a digital signature ready.

Tip #5 – View Emojis

Some people like to use emojis a lot when they are chatting with friends or family. Macbooks are great because you can access all the available special characters by launching the Character Viewer. Select any of the characters you want to insert and double-click on it.

Tip #6 – Look Up Definitions

The newer versions of the OS have an integrated reference tool. If you are struggling with understanding the text on an online website or a document, you can get the definition of a word without using dictionaries or third-party software.

Highlight the word and press the command + ctrl + D combination. A window with a definition will pop up, showing you the information about the word.

Tip #7 – Leverage Spotlight App

Spotlight app is often considered as one of the most underrated features of the macOS. You can convert units, do calculations, read the weather forecast, and find out the latest news. Having so much in the same app is more than enough to convince you to use Spotlight more often.

Tip #8 – Master Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help with boosting one’s efficiency when working. A few combinations were already mentioned in the article, but you can learn even more shortcuts by visiting the official Apple support store. 

Tip #9 – Be Wary of Cybersecurity Threats

There are a lot of cybersecurity threats. Be wary even if you are using the Mac for personal needs. Some users will tell you that Macbooks are not prone to viruses and malware, and they have no use for anti-malware tools.

These claims could not be further from reality. Make sure that there is anti-virus running in the background and deleting any threats it finds. A virtual private network can also be a good addition as it allows you to browse anonymously and comes with security features as well.