Samsung Galaxy M41 has a huge 6,800mAh battery as per 3C Certification

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy M30s with a huge 6,000mAh battery & later this year, we got the Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31, which had the same sized battery.  It looks like Samsung is now preparing for the launch of Galaxy M41, despite the previous reports of the device being canceled by the company.

The Samsung Galaxy M41 was certified by 3C & this certification reveals the battery size of the device. As the title says, the certification reveals a humongous 6,800mAh battery. Now that’s the rated capacity, which means the battery size is probably 7,000mAh. So that’s insane!

Samsung Galaxy M41 on 3C
Samsung Galaxy M41 on 3C

Now, while the name of the phone is not mentioned in the listing, it is most likely the Galaxy M41 (or the Galaxy M51).

Well, we don’t know how the Galaxy M41 looks like or what are the specifications of it, so we’ll have to wait for some more details. There is no word from Samsung on the launch yet.