New Google Pixel phone launching on June 11, could be Pixel 5a

Jon Prosser revealed the launch date on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, we got our first look at the Google Pixel 5a which is set to launch later this year. The renders of the phone were shared by OnLeaks which revealed that design-wise, there isn’t any difference when compared to the last year’s Google Pixel 4a 5G. While we don’t know when Google is preparing to launch this phone, Jon Prosser has revealed on Twitter that Google will be launching a new Pixel device on the 11th of June. He is not sure as to what device it actually is but we are expecting it to be the Pixel 5a.

Along with this, Jon also revealed that in mid-April, we are getting new Google Pixel buds. Coming to the Pixel phone that is launching on June 11th, you can say that it could be the Pixel 6 as well but as we have seen in past years, the highest-end (or rather the most expensive) Pixel phones usually launch in September-October. Google Pixel 4a of last year was an impressive deal for $349, offering a clean stock Android experience, a great single camera on the back with Google’s exceptional computational photography, Snapdragon 730G, an OLED panel, and more. Later, Google also launched a 5G version named the Pixel 4a 5G which offered an extra ultrawide sensor on the rear, a better Snapdragon 765G SOC with 5G support, a bigger battery, and more.

So this time as well, with the Google Pixel 5a, we are hoping to get even better performance and that’s possible only if Google decides to go for a chipset that is more powerful than Snapdragon 765G. Currently, there is only the Snapdragon 768G that is more powerful than 765G under the 700-series but as we got to know recently, the Snapdragon 775 is launching soon which offers some significant upgrades over 765/765G. So who knows Google might be going for that chip for the Pixel 5a.

Whatever the case is, details are scarce as of now so we have to wait for the specs.