LG G8 ThinQ pricing leaks, 128GB variant to be priced at 1199.99 CAD ($900)

On February 24, LG G8 ThinQ will be launched that, as the name shows, is the successor to last year’s G7 ThinQ. Now, we already know how the phone looks like, thanks to the CAD renders. Recently, we got to know via the official LG Newsroom that the G8 is coming with a Time-Of-Flight camera on the front. So, expect fast face recognition and better selfies. Today, however, the price of the 128GB variant of the G8 ThinQ leaked as a user revealed it on Reddit.

LG G8 ThinQ Pricing
LG G8 ThinQ Pricing

As the image above shows, the LG G8 SKU appeared in the system and it reveals that the price of the 128GB variant will be 1,199 CAD (Canadian Dollar) which translates to around $900. This is a very high price, especially for a phone from LG which is already not doing that well in the smartphone market. But, maybe this high price is due to the unique features that the LG G8 ThinQ is coming with.

It might feature the touch-free gesture controls which mean you only need to wave your hands over the display to do certain tasks. Moreover, the G8 ThinQ might launch with 5G support, so maybe that’s the reason for this high pricing. But, there are also rumors that it is the LG V50 ThinQ that is coming with touch-free gestures and 5G support.

So, let’s see what LG has to showcase with its G8 ThinQ at the Mobile World Congress.