How to Install TutuApp on PC

TutuApp is one of the best-known names in third-party app circles. An alternative app store, it offers tons of unlocked, modified, tweaked, and unofficial apps, all free. First released for iOS users, the app store now supports Android and can even be installed on Windows or macOS. And that’s what we are going to talk about here.

How to Install TutuApp on Windows or macOS

TutuApp on PC

Although TutuApp has no official support for desktop operating systems, there is a workaround that allows you to install it – just use an Android emulator on your computer and install TutuApp into it. Follow these steps:

  1. Download an Android emulator onto your computer – BlueStacks or Nox Player are two of the best
  2. Download the TutuApp APK file and extract the contents
  3. Open the emulator and sign in using your Google account – free if you don’t have one
  4. Once the emulator is set up, tap on the search bar and type in TutuApp
  5. Another way is to right-click on the .apk file and choose Open With (your emulator app) or just drag the file into the emulator
  6. Click on it and let it install – you will see the icon appear on the emulator home screen when it’s done

How to Use TutuApp on Windows or macOS

Using TutuApp is really very simple:

  1. Open your Android emulator and click on TutuApp on the home screen
  2. Wait for the store to open and then search for an app or a game to download
  3. Click on it and click on Install
  4. When it is installed, it is available to use through the emulator

Why You Should Use TutuApp on Windows or macOS

TutuApp is one of the best installers for Android or iOS devices, but it also offers a great alternative to your desktop app store.  And you get to play all your favorite games on a much bigger screen, with a better processor, graphics, more RAM, and all the other resources that your computer has to offer.

Common TutuApp Errors and Solutions

While most users don’t have any trouble with TutuApp, there have been a couple of reported errors on desktop computers:

White/Blank Screen

This is one of the commonest errors and is the easiest to fix – simply delete TutuApp and install it again.

Greyed Icon/App Won’t Download

This is another simple error to resolve; again, just delete it and start again. If this doesn’t clear the error, it might be time to clean up your device – get rid of any apps and files you no longer need, move your media to the cloud or to external storage, and whatever else needs to be done to free up space. You also need a minimum of 2 GB RAM for the app store to run properly.

Frequently Asked TutuApp Questions

Because TutuApp is unofficial, we get asked quite a few questions about it – these are the most common ones:

Is TutuApp Safe to Use?

Yes. TutuApp is free of any malware, viruses, spam, or anything else that can cause problems. You don’t need to jailbreak or use your Apple ID – the only time you need to register is if you use an Android emulator on your computer and need your Google account details.

Are There Any Viruses in it?

No, and, as the app is monitored daily, as soon as anything is reported or spotted, it is fixed with an update straight away – it is your responsibility to install the updates. As a precaution, though, you should install antivirus software on your device and only use the official download links for TutuApp.

How Do TutuApp Free and TutuApp VIP Differ?

The free version is more than enough for most users, offering a fantastic range of apps and games for free. However, if you want more, you can upgrade to the VIP version. For a small payment, you can get more content, no ads, faster downloads, no download restrictions, plus a handful of VIP-only features. If you already have TutuApp VIP and your subscription is due for renewal within 60 days, renew early and get 10% off. VIP subscribers can also use it on their desktop, provided they link it to their VIP account.

TutuApp Is iOS Only, Isn’t it?

No. At one time, it was only for iOS users, but demand levels grew, leading to the developers bringing out support for Android too. And that has led to the popular app store being used on desktops the world over, just by installing a simple Android emulator.

There is no doubting the popularity of TutuApp and not just with iOS users. With support for Android and, by extension, desktops, too, now anyone can enjoy the benefits of this alternative app store where everything is completely free to use. Download it now and see what it can offer you.