How to Hide apps on Android – Here are 2 SUPER EASY ways to do this

Android OS is one of the most widely used operating systems on the planet. Almost 75% of the world’s mobile phones are powered by Android.


There are reasons for this.

One main reason would be it’s App Store. Also called as the Play Store, has lakhs of applications that cater to different users liking. Ranging from different categories like Health to productivity and much more.

There are some apps, which we download, and we don’t want others to see them. Have you ever been in such situation?

You want to hide Tinder from your Girlfriend, don’t you?

Or maybe you’re addicted to Social media and your parents are keeping a watch on your phone. Or, you don’t want your friends to access your private pictures in your gallery.etc

Whatever the reason, the good news is that You can hide apps on Android phone.

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And no. You don’t require root at all.

Phew, what’s the method then?

There are multiple methods to achieve this:


Hide Apps on Android Using Nova Launcher
Hide Apps on Android Using Nova Launcher

In this method, we’ll make use of a launcher, which will help us hide apps on Android and possibly, speed up the device as well.

We prefer Nova Launcher and we highly recommend it.

Hide Apps on Android Using Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best launchers in the world right now. It not only makes your device look like Stock Android but also has many features which you do not know about.

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One such feature is the “hide apps feature.” Unfortunately, you’ll be needing the Prime version of Nova launcher for it, which costs a little over a dollar. It’s Holidays right now and they run Holiday sales wherein you can get the prime version for just a few cents.

  • Install Nova launcher
  • Click on any empty space on your Android home screen and you’ll notice 3 icons popping up. Navigate to Nova Settings.
  • Find the ‘Hide Apps’ Menu. It’ll be under “App & Widget drawer” section.
  • Hide the apps you don’t want the world to see.
  • Check now. After hiding, come back to the home screen and try accessing those applications. If you can, then you didn’t hide them correctly.

If you can’t see those apps, then you’ve successfully hidden those applications and it will not be visible to anyone who sees your phone.

Unless they are FBI or NSA because they know everything.


Yes, Android is so flexible that you have another app which will hide other apps. This app will create a virtual environment in your system, and it will prevent anyone from accessing it.

There are some apps to hide apps on Android, one of which is:


It does the job really well, but, we strongly recommend the Method 1, i.e., Using Nova launcher, as it’s much easier.

So, were you successful in hiding the app? Tell us why you want to hide your app, in the comments below.