Here’s our best look at the Google Pixel 7a yet

The phone is expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O in May

While Google’s flagship Pixel phones are pretty popular, there is a different craze for budget Pixel phones. It started with the Pixel 3a series in 2019, which featured a similar design as the high-end Pixel 3 series but with some cost cuttings to bring the price down. One of the highlights of these budget pixel phones is the camera because Google tries to offer the same camera experience as its high-end Pixel devices.

Last year, we got the Google Pixel 6a that launched at the same price as the Pixel 5a. The 6a offered a similar design for the same price as Pixel 6 & 6 Pro, Google Tensor chip, solid cameras, and stock Android experience. The Google Pixel 7a has been in the news for quite some time & as usual; we expect the phone to launch at the Google I/O 2023 in May. We have seen the phone’s images in the past, but we have perhaps our best look at the Pixel 7a yet.

The high-resolution hands-on images of the phone were shared by a Vietnamese website named Zing News.

The Google Pixel 7a has the same camera module design as the Pixel 7.  The camera bar has a metal build & there are two camera sensors on the rear. The phone has a glass back & a metal frame, so the company has not done any cost-cutting in the materials.

The phone has no 3.5mm headphone jack, which isn’t a surprise. The display on the front has quite thick bezels all around & there is a hole punch cutout in the middle. Also, as we can see in the images, the phone has been remotely locked, and the internal storage can not be accessed. The only accessible thing is fastboot mode. The fastboot mode reveals 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB storage.

As for the specifications, according to Kuba Wojciechowski, Google Pixel 7a features new camera sensors, including a Sony IMX787 sensor for the primary camera & a Sony IMX712 sensor for the ultrawide camera. This should result in a significant improvement in the camera performance. The phone supports wireless charging (5W) & has a 90Hz Samsung OLED display. The refresh rate was one of the biggest downsides of the Pixel 6a, so it is good to see the Pixel 7a having a high-refresh-rate panel.

Google Pixel 7a features the Google Tensor G2 SOC, the same chip that powered the Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 7a looks like a solid mid-range phone with great hardware and software. It would be interesting to see at what price Google launches this phone because, as mentioned in the beginning, the company launched Pixel 6a at the same price as the Pixel 5a, i.e., $449. If somehow Google manages to launch the 7a at the same price, this would be a killer deal.