Here’s our official first look at the Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6

The image has revealed the design of both phones!

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Z Flip 5 were launched in July last year, and the same is expected for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6. While there have been a ton of leaks already, we now have the official image, confirming the design of both phones.

This image was first shared on a subreddit, and the source claims it to be a leaked ad from Samsung Kazakhstan.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6

As revealed in the image above, there is no change in the overall design language as compared to last year’s models. But there are some subtle design changes. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 seems to have less rounded corners than the predecessor. The frame also has a matte finish instead of a glossy finish. The camera module design remains unchanged, with the only change being the black rings around the camera lenses.

Speaking of the Galaxy Z Flip 6, it too has a matte finish on the frame and the phone seems to have less rounded corners than last year. The rings around the camera lenses now match the color option. There is still a folder-shaped display on the outside.

And well, that’s all this official image reveals.

As per the leaks and rumors, the cover display on the Z Fold 6 has a 22:9 aspect ratio, compared to 23.1:9 last year. This was done by reducing the bezels. It is also reported that we will get a larger cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 (3.9″ versus 3.4″).

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