Extend Your Battery Life When Playing OSRS Mobile

Save Your Battery While Playing OSRS Mobile!

If there’s one problem that constantly plagues gamers-on-the-go, it’s battery life. There’s nothing like getting into the gaming groove, only to have your device shut down at the most inopportune of times. Of course, power banks now exist for those kinds of circumstances. However, you can stretch your device’s battery even more with these handy tips. That’s more time to be able to farm OSRS gold on the road!

Turn On Power Saving Mode

More recent phones now offer this feature. It puts limits on CPU performance, display settings, and even apps. Turning this on will give you longer gaps between charging your phone. If your phone doesn’t have it, there are apps out there that offer the same function.

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Limit Running Apps

When you press the home button or back button to exit the app, it doesn’t close completely. It still has running processes in the background, and those still use up your battery charge. To close apps properly, do it through the Task Manager every so often. Android phones usually have them beside the Home button (the one that isn’t the back button). For iOS devices, double click the Home button to access it.

You can also restrict background processes through the phone’s settings. However, be sure that you’re not going to open that app you’re going to force close anytime soon. It takes more battery to open an app from scratch than when it has its processes running.

Turn Off Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

This is perhaps the biggest drain on your battery. Of course, some games do require it (looking at you, Pokémon Go), but turn them off if they aren’t needed. Don’t keep your wireless headsets connected 24/7. If you don’t need to navigate roads, turn off the GPS. It goes the same for other signals your phone can use, such as WiFi, mobile data, and NFC. In places with poor reception, turn on Airplane Mode to keep your phone from trying to search for a signal in vain.

Change Your Display Settings

Your display is also a battery hog. High resolutions, bright colors, and strong backlights eat up your charge like a famished man at a buffet. Do away with those cute animated wallpapers or moving backgrounds. Use dark backgrounds, and take advantage of any app’s ‘dark theme’ or ‘night mode.’ These settings decrease the number of lighted up pixels on your screen, thus they don’t use as much battery.

You should also reduce your screen’s idle timeout duration and brightness. Turn off Adaptive Brightness as well, as it sometimes sets your screen brighter than needed.

Change Your Notification Settings

Many push notifications, including the Old School RuneScape Mobile, can drain your battery through lighting up the display and the notification sound. You can either set your phone to notify you of only the important things or silence your phone. Fewer notifications mean less drain on the charge. With less drain, your battery will naturally last longer.

Make sure you also turn off the ‘Haptic Feedback’ that makes your phone vibrate at your every tap. All kinds of vibration settings will discharge your phone real quick. Disable it on your games and apps (unless it’s important).

Similarly, you can play your OSRS Mobile game on mute. While this only lessens the drain negligibly, small things add up. If you can’t bear to play without sound, use earphones/headphones with a suitable volume. Try to use your phone’s built-in speakers, infrequently.

These are just a few tips to extend your battery life while playing OSRS Mobile. It’s a start, for now. If you want to go deeper into the topic, explore your phone. Even if you don’t download additional apps, sometimes what you need is already there. Depending on the phone, you might find a setting called ‘Adaptive Battery.’ It analyzes battery usage and offers to restrict the ones that consume charge more than usual. Some other phones also have battery optimization apps pre-installed. 

With these, enjoy your journeys with OSRS Mobile, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and more, for longer!