Download Windows 11 Wallpapers – ZIP File Included

The newest version of Windows comes with a ton of new wallpapers!

If you don’t know yet, the next version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System will be unveiled on the 24th of June. But it looks like someone decided to spoil the party as the Windows 11 ISO file is all over the internet, and users are already trying the new Windows. Here is a nice article by Tom from The Verge that explains what are new UI changes in the new version, as revealed by the leaked ISO file.

Anyways, a new version of Windows OS means a new set of wallpapers, and well, we have got all the new stock Wallpapers that come with Windows 11. There are at least 32 new wallpapers, and they look fantastic. In this article, we have shared the Windows 11 Wallpapers, and you can download all of them in the highest quality via the OneDrive link at the end of this article.


Here is the OneDrive link to the ZIP file containing all the Windows 11 Wallpapers in the highest quality –


Before you leave, here are some more cool wallpapers – 

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