How To Download LG Flash Tool to Flash KDZ and TOT Firmwares on LG Devices

If you are a tech enthusiast, you would love to see at what extent can you customize your device. For most of the parts, you’ll have to root your device and flash TWRP or CWM recovery on it. Sometimes we mess up, and at that time the device may get stuck in a boot loop. Or maybe you are just bored after trying all the Custom ROMs and you just wanna install factory firmware again.

Although stock firmware can be installed on almost every android device by just using ADB and Fastboot commands, in some cases, you need some special software to flash the stock firmware. For Example,  For Samsung, you have to use ODIN Flash tool, and For LG devices you have to use LG Flash Tool.

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Download LG Flash TOol
Download LG Flash TOol

Let’s talk about the LG Flash Tool in this article. This Tool allows you to flash stock firmware on your LG devices and if you don’t know, the stock firmware for LG phones usually has the .KDZ or .TOT extension.

Since there is no other tool that can flash these type of files, you have to Download LG Flash Tool in case you want to flash stock LG firmware on your LG phone. The latest LGUP tool is available for Windows computers; it works on almost every Windows version like XP, 7,8, 8.1 and 10. The previous version of the tool was somewhat complicated, but this one is user-friendly.

This is the only tool which can help you if your LG device runs into a boot loop or is stuck at LG logo while booting. If you have bricked your phone by mistake the best way to unbrick is by flashing the Stock ROM on your device.

The tool works for every LG device. You can Download LG Flash Tool from the link below, and it is the patched version since the older version doesn’t support Windows. All thanks to autoprime and ieatacid from XDA forums for providing this patched version.


LG Flash Tool 2016
LG Flash Tool 2016



Key Features of the LG Flash Tool

  • Single Package
  • Logging Capabilities
  • LAN Connection Mode
  • Supports every LG Device

More Information :

  • If for some reason the “.exe” file doesn’t launch, please Install Visual C++ from Microsoft.
  • Download Proper LG USB drivers for your device.
  • Installing Custom ROMs is not supported with LG Flash Tool.
  • Compatibility: Windows XP, 7,8,8.1 and 10.


Download LGUP tool
Download LGUP tool

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LGUP is similar to the ODIN tool which is used to flash the firmware on Samsung devices. With this tool, you can flash the KDZ files on your LG phones. Also, it works on almost every version of windows including Windows XP,7,8.1,8,10.

So, if your LG phone has run into a boot loop or struck at the LG logo, tool toll will help you can unbrick your phone by flashing the stock firmware using the LGUP Tool.



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