10 Security Tips to Count on While Using Mac

With an ever-increasing number of people finding their ways into tech and internet browsing, it becomes vital to quantify the risks of being available online. Your laptop is a storehouse of your essential data, which can turn your life upside. 

Hence, it is very important to protect and preserve all your data at all times. If you want to know the top requisites for ensuring your laptop’s safety against ethical hackers and malware, then read this article till the very end. 

Strong Password

If you work in an environment where people tend to work on your laptop, then it is better to have two profiles and add a solid password. The password should definitely not be your birthday or your own name because that is easy to guess as a password. 

A powerful password combination must have alphabets, number digits, and a few special characters up to the entire limit of 8 characters. 

Find My Mac

If you are a clumsy traveler, then you can lose or forget your laptop easily, or someone can even steal it. So, when that happens, do not panic, just open your iPhone and track your device with the Find My Mac feature.

If you are wondering how to set up find my mac, it is quite simple. Open the Apple Menu> System Preferences> then log in with your Apple ID. After that, just open iCloud and select Find My Mac. 

Physical Security Key

There is a reason why Apple products are considered premium. Apple devices support a physical security key that functions almost like a credit card but just with a digital signature. A modern feature like that comes in quite handy when you have concerns about the device’s security.

Face Recognition

A lot of Macs come with facial recognition as a security feature. Passwords can be irritating to type again and again. Still, if you have a facial recognition system, then you can quickly get through the window without taking an additional strike on your keyboard. Plus, your laptop will be extra secure because only your face can unlock the MacBook.

Data Encryption With FileVault

If you work with highly volatile data on your computer, then you would prefer walking an extra mile for that mint security. So, macOS has the one-stop solution for you. 

The hard drive will allow you to use FileVault, which encrypts your data with a 128-bit AES encryption and a 256-bit key. Along with the facility of encryption, FileVault restarts multiple programs such as Find My Mac automatically.

Avoidance of Suspicious Applications

You must always read the reviews about any website or application before you begin to dig deep into the features. Often, there are dummy websites or infected applications targeted to the users to damage their system and spoil their data. So, you must always read through the website reviews before visiting the actual website for starters because you never know what is coming next.

Virtual Private Networks

If you start using a VPN, it will work as a private network, and with the help of that, you can use your internet more securely. A virtual private network will encrypt all your data and transmit it as you work with your wi-fi. 

Open Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network > click the add button > 

Interface pop-up > Go to VPN and finally set up your VPN.

No Siri

It is best to turn off Apple’s premium Voice Assistant Siri. After all, your privacy is always at stake because your personal information always gets transmitted to the device. While the AI assistant might be convenient, you do not have to take a risk using it.

iCloud Storage

In case your data gets lost, then you’d be losing months and years of your work. But, if you want to be extra safe and assure your data has a permanent place in your drive then, it is always better to take a backup of your entire data. You can easily set up your iCloud account and take daily/weekly, or monthly backups of your system data. Once you have taken the backup, you can even permanently delete, restore or download any of your files at your convenience. 

Operating System Updates

If you want to update with all your security features and protocols, you must use the latest software and update all your existing applications. So, just turn the automatic app updates on today.


Using a MacBook comes with comfort, luxury, and a significant amount of accessibility. All your data and work should not suffer just because a virus suddenly landed up on your page! So, if you are using a Mac, make sure that you take the required steps to protect and preserve all your data on your device.