Everything You Need To Know To Unlock iPhone And Android

Unlocking a phone is nothing new, really. Everybody did it with their brick phones before. And back then, it was very convenient and easy to do. 

However, the process today is entirely different. You can either buy an unlocked iPhone or Android phone straight from the phone manufacturer, like Apple, or unlock your current phone through your carrier or a third-party unlocking service. 

To unlock your phone, you’ll need to contact your current mobile carrier to do the procedure. If that’s not possible, unlocking through a third-party service is also a viable option. In fact, you can unlock an iPhone using Mobileunlocked.com without breaking any sweat. 

Locked vs. Unlocked Phones 

Are you planning to upgrade to the latest iPhone? If you’re thinking about buying a new phone, you’ve got two options: 1) buying directly from Apple or Android phone manufacturer, like Samsung, or 2) purchasing from a mobile carrier.  

From these two options, getting a new iPhone from your carrier may be the best choice at first glance.  


Phone carriers typically offer competitive pricing compared with buying phones directly from Apple or other retailers. In some cases, mobile carriers may provide an installment payment scheme so that you can flex your new phone without leaving a massive hole in your pocket. 

But, there’s a trade-off. Because you’ll be buying your phone through a carrier network, you’ll have to sign a contract where you’ll be locked into its service for a period of no less than 24 months. This service contract prevents you from using cellular services from other networks.  

But, what if you’re unsatisfied with your current network? Two years is a significant amount of time when you can find better phone service plans along the way. 

This is why many resort to unlocking phones on their own or buying unlocked ones.  

For the most part, unlocking an iPhone is relatively straightforward. But, if this is your first time doing it, you may have some questions about the legality of unlocking phones as well as the general know-how of the procedure.  

Why Are Phones Locked To The Carrier 

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As mentioned earlier, a locked phone is one that’s tied to a specific cellular provider, regardless of whether you’re using an Apple or Android smartphone. For example, if you purchased your iPhone from AT&T, that phone is SIM locked to AT&T alone and won’t be able to accept other SIM cards. 

With an unlocked phone, you’re free to switch to different carriers whenever you want. With this flexibility, you can quickly move to a better and cheaper service plan when you need to. 

Phone networks lock their users in to profit from them. Imagine keeping phone users subscribed to your service plan for two years. For this reason, phone companies market lower prices on mobile phones so that they can hook users into signing up for their service. 

The Benefits Of Having An Unlocked iPhone  

Besides having the flexibility to choose your own carrier network and plan, you’re able to shy away from expensive phone charges when traveling abroad with an unlocked phone. An unlocked phone lets you use SIM cards even from different countries. That said, you can easily swap your local SIM card with one from your destination. Doing this will allow you to get better deals as well as save money from all the hefty roaming data, calls, and text charges.  

Another benefit to owning an unlocked phone is that it has a better value in the long run. An unlocked phone sells for 30% more than if it’s carrier-locked. If you plan on selling your phone down the road, know that buyers will want to buy a phone that they can use on the get-go.  

The Benefits Of Having An Unlocked Android Phone

Similar to unlocked iPhone, unlocked Android phones have no restrictions. You don’t need to worry about contracts to any company. You can shop around for the best call, text, and data package deals, and choose any telecom carrier you prefer.

Unlocking Your iPhone Or Android Device

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The first thing you need to know about unlocking your phone is that it’s legal. A couple of years ago, there’s been plenty of debates concerning this issue. Still, if you think about it, a locked mobile phone is actually a violation of a consumer’s freedom to choose the operator he or she prefers. 

The best way to unlock your phone is through your carrier. However, there are specific requirements you must meet to have your phone eligible for unlocking. These requirements may vary, depending on your carrier, but here are some general guidelines: 

  • Your iPhone or Android phone should be active for a number of days or months, depending on your carrier. 
  • You’ve entirely paid off your phone and phone bills. 
  • Your device is not reported as lost or stolen. 

In addition to the guidelines to be considered when unlocking through the carrier, the following steps may also be taken to unlock a mobile phone easily and quickly:

  • Call your network provider and ask for an unlock using the contact details and online tools for unlocking purposes.
  • Once you receive a confirmation from your provider, check whether you have the original SIM with you. If not, be sure to reset the phone before proceeding with the unlocking process. 
  • Turn off the phone and replace the original SIM card with one from a different network. 
  • Check if the iPhone can connect a phone call using the new network. 

Using Third-Party Unlocking Services For An iPhone Or Android Phone

In case you can’t unlock your iPhone or Android phone through your carrier, then the best alternative is to use a third-party unlocking service to make it happen. This step usually takes place when you acquire your phone from someone else and it wasn’t yet unlocked. 

Typically, retailers who offer their services will provide an unlock code in exchange for a fee. Moreover, you can look for online services that can unlock your iPhone with ease. However, not all of these service providers are reputable and trustworthy, which is why it’s important to be careful in dealing with them. In the event that you decide to utilize one, don’t forget to read the fine print carefully before choosing a third-party unlocking service. 


Although carrier-provided iPhones and Anrdoid phones may appear more affordable, you need to consider the caveats phone companies place in your contract. Generally, a locked phone limits your options when it comes to saving money on mobile phone plans. This is why unlocking your phone is still a better, cheaper option in the long run.