2021 Top trends in Smart Home technology

If you are considering incorporating more technology into your daily life, there are a growing number of choices. The development and use of smart technology in the home continues to grow, with innovative options that can make your life easier. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider these top trends in home technology for 2021.


smart plug is one of the most budget-friendly and straightforward ways to experiment with smart technology. It plugs into an ordinary outlet and utilizes a WiFi connection and a smartphone app to allow you to control any appliance or device plugged into it. 

The app allows you to turn the plugged-in device on and off, whether at home, in the office, or on vacation. You can also create schedules to automate the operation of the device. For example, while on vacation, you could schedule your lamp to turn on at a set time in the evening and turn off around bedtime. Similarly, while at work, you can limit your child’s use of the television or computer by scheduling predetermined on and off times via the plug.


Having a landline phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Not only are people tired of paying high fees for landline phone service, but the old-fashioned system also lacks the convenience and flexibility that modern phone systems can offer. 

For example, a virtual phone system, which operates through the power of your WiFi connection, is affordable and easy to install. The service offers key benefits, including:

  • Easily customized to fit your needs
  • It saves you money over the more expensive landline option
  • Provides portability and convenience
  • Doubles as a phone service for your at-home business
  • Allows you to make and receive calls via your existing phone hardware, computer, cellphone, or tablet


There are few things in life as appealing as being able to clean your home with the touch of a button. Robotic vacuums can do the heavy lifting for you, and because they combine powerful suction with a low-to-the-ground profile that allows them to fit under most furniture, they can outperform your traditional vacuum.

Every year, these vacuums continue to offer more and more features. Depending on your budget, as well as your cleaning needs, you can find a robotic vacuum that can:

  • Respond to commands
  • Find its charging base
  • Clean on a programmed schedule
  • Establish and follow a floor map for directed cleaning
  • Empty its bin

Innovation and automation in the home can make life easier and more exciting. If you are late to the game, don’t despair. By adopting one of the most popular options, you can experience the benefits for yourself.


Nowadays, it is very difficult to have a smart home without the use of smart speakers. This is because they allow you to easily control so many parts of the property with your voice. You surely already heard about systems like Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Alexa. However, there are several other manufacturers that compete in the smart speaker industry, which has a value of $4 billion. In order to set up a truly smart home, you just need a WiFi connection, a smartphone, and power for the speakers. 

When you sync up your speakers and all your other smart devices, you have a home that is very easy to be managed. You will know exactly where every speaker is installed and can take advantage of them. For instance, let’s say you forgot the lights open in the kitchen. All you have to do is to command the home system (basically, the speaker) to turn off the lights. 

Brand new commands are being developed every single day. Now, you can use your home speakers to organize events in your calendar, learn sports game scores, or even set reminders for doing things like taking the trash out in the morning. 


Smart thermostats are also another option you do want to take into account for the perfect smart home. This great gadget will replace your old thermostat and will connect to the home’s WiFi system with the purpose of controlling temperature. 

The great thing about smart thermostats is that they can be programmed to do much more than just change temperature when you give an order. For instance, you can set it up to adjust temperatures based on specific behaviors and routines. This can help you to save money on both cooling and heating. Statistics show us that smart thermostats can help you save up to 15% on your AC bills and up to 10% on your heating bills. 


With the boom of smart homes, you knew it was only a matter of time until smart-enabled security systems would be created. And they were. Nowadays, you can see who is at your door with your smartphone thanks to a live stream being installed. You can access this feed from any corner of the world. 

Smart security systems add a very useful extra security layer. They will make you much more comfortable while at home. You can install doorbell cameras, much better security cameras, and a whole lot more. 

At the end of the day, having a smart home is so much easier than it used to be, even a few months ago. Just look at all the options that are available right now, and you will surely be surprised to see all the smart technology you can buy for your property.