This is Samsung’s first smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera

Last year when almost every Android smartphone maker launched its device with a pop-up selfie camera, Samsung was one of the few smartphone brands that didn’t launch any phone with such design. Yes, we did get the Galaxy A80, but that phone had a pop-up mechanism for the rear cameras, combined with the rotating mechanism that turned the cameras on the rear to the front side for selfies.

Today, the CAD renders of Samsung’s first smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera were shared by OnLeaks in collaboration with PigTou, and these CAD renders give us a good look at the design of this upcoming phone from Samsung.

Looking at the design, it makes sense to say that this is not a flagship but rather a budget offering from Samsung. It could be a Galaxy A series phone, but that’s not confirmed yet. Anyways, the design includes a screen with no notch or punch-hole on the front, and a triple camera setup on the rear placed on the top left. The fingerprint scanner is also on the rear.

Now, we have seen Samsung phones with an AMOLED screen & a rear-facing fingerprint scanner so unlike other brands, it won’t make sense to say that there is an LCD screen just because the phone has a fingerprint scanner on the back. There is a pop-up selfie camera & alongside it is the 3.5mm headphone jack. The USB Type-C port is there on the bottom.

The specs are not known yet, but we do know that this phone is pretty thick at 9.2mm. Also, add to that the rear camera bump and the maximum thickness becomes 9.7mm. This is probably due to a big battery underneath, and as we have seen with some Galaxy M series phones, Samsung likes to add really huge batteries in its budget phones.

So, what do you think of this design? Do let us know via the comments section below.