Redmi K70 Pro’s display has 4000 nits peak brightness

This is crazy!

Recently, Redmi shared the first look at the K70 Pro, the company’s upcoming flagship phone. The company also shared a few specifications of the device, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, and a 6.67-inch display. Well, the brand has now shared some more details of the display, and there are some interesting things to talk about.

The company has confirmed that the Redmi K70 Pro has a Quad-HD+ display, the same resolution as the Redmi K60 Pro. The panel used this time is the TCL Huaxing C8, the same panel that is used on the Xiaomi 14. But, unlike the Xiaomi 14’s 1.5K panel with 3000 nits peak brightness, the Redmi K70 Pro uses a 2K panel with a peak brightness of 4000 nits! The panel also has 3,840 Hz PWM dimming, one of the highest in the industry.

Well, it is safe to say that the Redmi K70 Pro has one of the best displays on any smartphone, at least based on the on-paper specifications.

The brand has also shared some camera features of the Redmi K70 Pro. The primary camera in the back has the “Light Hunter” 800 sensor. It is a 1/1.55-inch sensor with a 13.2 EV native ultra-dynamic range. As per some sources, this is the Omnivision OVX8000 sensor.

Well, all these specifications are quite impressive, so let’s see at what price the phone is launching in China.

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