Red Magic 9 Pro Series – Here’s our first look at the design

No camera bump and more RGB!

In December last year, the Red Magic 8 Pro series was launched in China, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. But the main USP of that series was not the performance but rather the design. The Red Magic 8 Pro series got the biggest design overhaul compared to the previous generations. The phones had a boxy design with a flat frame and a flat display.

On November 23, the Red Magic 9 Pro series is launching in the Chinese market, and the company has shared the official images on Weibo, giving us our first look at the design.

While the Red Magic 9 Pro has the same boxy design as last year, there is one significant design change, and that’s on the rear. The phone has no camera bump, meaning the back is completely flat. This is quite rare nowadays, with smartphones having massive camera sensors and large camera modules sticking out from the back. With this design change, the Red Magic 9 Pro is now a completely flat phone with a flat frame, display, and back.

Red Magic says the company had to customize and re-arrange nearly half the components to achieve this complete flat-back design. The company also ensured that doing this won’t increase the phone’s thickness, and the image quality is also unaffected.

With less text on the back, the design is more minimalistic than last year’s series.

And since it is a gaming-centric phone, how can we forget the RGB lights? This time, Red Magic added RGB lights in not just the fan but also behind the “09” text on the rear and the shoulder buttons on the side.

Red Magic 9 Pro comes in three color options, two of which have a transparent design on the back. All the three colors have a red power button.

Finally, the series has an improved under-display selfie camera.