Reasons to Use Call Tracking for Your Business

Keeping track of the progress and overall effectiveness of every marketing campaign is necessary if you want to move your business forward. If you aren’t tracking and analyzing the results of your promotional efforts, you won’t know what works and what’s a waste of time and resources. 

But tracking your website traffic is just one piece of the puzzle. To go a step further, consider adding the best call tracking system possible to the mix. Keep reading for a few reasons why this is useful. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

You Can Figure Out Which Ads Really Work

Consider creating advertisements for print, web, TV, radio, etc., and be sure to include phone numbers that potential new customers can call in order to learn more and place an order. For example, you’d use a different phone number for a TV ad versus one you are running on social media. That way, when calls come in, you will be able to know which ad was most effective.

This strategy can help you determine which types of ads are reaching the highest number of people. For instance, you might realize that TV ads aren’t working for you as much as online ads, so you would then focus more time, attention, and money on marketing efforts that take place online. 

You Could Track How Effective Your Affiliates Are at Generating Sales

Suppose you have affiliates who work hard at promoting your products or services; implementing a call tracking system can come in handy. After all, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out which affiliates are doing better than others. 

With the right call tracking system, you can see how each affiliate performs based on the phone numbers they give out to their followers. So, in the same way, you can see which advertisements perform better than others, you can see which affiliates are more effective when attracting customers. 

You Might Be Able to Boost Conversions and Provide Better Service

Your business may perform better when you have a customer service team ready to take phone calls from current and potential new customers. And another reason why so many businesses are using the best pay per call tracking software is to increase conversions with the help of calls. With this tool, you can determine where calls are coming from, as well as which keywords, affiliates, ads, etc., generated the most interest in what you have to offer. Plus, you can also use call tracking to learn more about what your potential customers want. 

Also, to determine if your representatives are working as well as they should, you’ll need the right tools. When you have tracking software, you might be able to more easily analyze which customer service strategies help increase conversions and which ones fail. So, another reason to consider call tracking for your business is because it can help your team provide better customer service to callers. Tracking call details — such as the amount of time a representative spent on the phone, what questions were answered, and whether or not the call resulted in a sale — can help you improve the way you serve customers. Over time, that could lead to more sales and happier customers. 

Overall, call tracking can work well for a variety of businesses, so if you haven’t implemented it yet, it’s worth considering it.