Realme partners with Kodak for the Realme GT Master Edition

Realme GT Master Edition is said to be a Camera Flagship!

Smartphone brands partnering with reputed camera (or optics) companies is not a new thing. This has been done quite a lot of times in the past. For example, Huawei & Leica, OnePlus & Hasselblad, Vivo & Zeiss, Nokia & Zeiss etc. Now, Realme has done the same as the brand has partnered with Kodak for its upcoming “Camera Flagship,” the Realme GT Master Edition. It is being called the “Camera Flagship” because the phone is coming with incredible cameras.

iQOO 10

iQOO 10

The partnership is not yet officially announced, but we got to know about it via some reliable sources on Weibo. First, Digital Chat Station hinted that Realme would collaborate with a well-known camera company, and then another source revealed that it is, in fact, Kodak. But is this partnership as huge as OnePlus & Hasselblad’s? Well, we don’t think so. In the February of 2012, Kodak went bankrupt and exited from the business of Digital Image capture. So, in short, Kodak is no longer in the camera business anymore. In fact, all the latest Kodak products that you see are not manufactured by Kodak at all. They are made by other brands & those brands use Kodak’s name licensed to them.

So it seems like it is Realme helping Kodak instead of the other way around by using the Kodak brand name in its upcoming flagship phone.

Realme and Kodak

Well, details of the Realme GT Master Edition are pretty scarce at the moment. There is no word from the brand as well, so we don’t know when exactly the phone is launching. Some reports suggest that we would see a 108 Megapixel camera sensor on this device paired with a 13 Megapixel telephoto. But there were also some reports suggested a 50 Megapixel Sony IMX766 camera sensor on the rear. So, nothing is confirmed.

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