Poster Confirms Galaxy Note FE is Launching on July 7th

Last year was surely Samsung’s worst year as the company’s best smartphone of 2016, i.e., the Galaxy Note 7 starting exploding and as a result, the company had to recall all the units. This resulted in a huge loss that was approximated to be around $17 Billion. Anyways, the Note 8 is coming in August but seems like, before that, Samsung wants to relaunch the Note 7. This time, it will be a ‘non-exploding’ version of it. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, where ‘FE’ stands for ‘Fan Edition’.

Galaxy Note FE Poster

Today, we got an image from the official Facebook page of ‘LG UPlus’ which has the name of the phone written on it that confirms that the device is coming on July 7th. A report by ‘The Wall Street Journal‘ has already revealed that the phablet is going to launch on July 7th, exclusively in South Korea. There is no information if the device will be available outside South Korea or not, but there are rumors that Samsung has planned to ship almost 400K units of Galaxy Note FE.

Talking about the difference between Note 7 and Note FE, the latter will have a smaller and non-exploding 3,200mAh battery, compared to the 3,500mAh battery of the original Note 7. Also, the pricing is going to be around 700,000 South Korean won which is approximately $613.  Let’s see if users are still interested in the Note 7 or not because the Note 8 is arriving after a month.