New Prisma Update adds Profiles and News Feed


This year, two smartphone applications made headlines and these are Prisma and Pokemon Go. Well, in case you still live in a cave, Prisma is a photo-editing app that turns your ordinary photos into artworks. It is achieved with some amazing filters that you will not find in any other photo-editing app. Back in June, when the app was launched, it just destroyed all the competition out there versus other photo-editing apps. As up to now, the app has received about 50 Million + downloads on the Play Store and the same count is for App Store. Recently, a new update was rolled out for Prisma that let users add effects on the videos just as they add on photos. Today, a new Prisma Update has come that is so far the biggest update to the app!

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What's new in Prisma Update

The new Prisma Update comes with a new Profile feature that will let you share images to Prisma’s network. In other words, previously the app had the option to share the photos to different social media platforms, but with this new update, Prisma is now a Social Media Platform itself! Interesting, Isn’t it?

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Another feature that comes with this new update is ‘Feeds.’ Well, this term needs no introduction. All social networks come with their news feeds. So, with this new ‘Feeds’ feature, the user will be able to share his photos and also look at other users’ photos. In its press release, Prisma explained –

A shared artwork can only be seen by people nearby. Every like spreads the post further increasing its range of appearing on people’s feed. Theoretically, a user can post a picture, get likes and watch his or her post spread and cover the whole world.

Another new feature apart from profile and feed is that the output resolution is now double. Most of the new features are right now available for iOS. But, we hope to see all new features on Android also in upcoming days. Regardless, do you still use Prisma? Do let us know via comments section. 🙂



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