Lenovo Ditching “Moto by Lenovo” Branding, Reintroducing “Motorola” Name

Back in 2014 when Lenovo Acquired Motorola, one of the biggest changes we saw was the branding of Motorola Moto devices. They were started to be called ‘Moto by Lenovo.’ But, we all know that under Lenovo’s name, the “Moto’ series is the most popular one. It seems Lenovo has finally realized that they should’ve stuck to use the name of Motorola for the Moto devices. Yes, Lenovo is now Ditching “Moto by Lenovo” Branding & is Reintroducing “Motorola” Name. Isn’t that great news for all the Motorola fans out there?

No More Moto By Lenovo

There is no doubt that Motorola is a name that people trust more than Lenovo and it is also a much popular name in the smartphone industry. At the MWC 2017, where the new Moto G5 and G5 Plus were launched, Aymar de Lencquesaing, the Motorola Chairman, and President told CNET during an interview that –

 In 2016, we just finished transforming ourselves. We have clarity on how we present ourselves.

Even some analysts like Maribel Lopez, the technology industry analyst and strategic advisor at Lopez Research have said that it was not a good step by Lenovo to ditch the name of ‘Motorola’ for Moto devices. According to us, Lenovo has taken this step ( ditching ‘Moto By Lenovo’)  late but at least this is going to help them as Lenovo has already been ruled out of the Top 5 smartphone manufacturers by Chinese companies.  What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section.