KGI – Galaxy S9 to have the rear-facing fingerprint scanner, in-screen fingerprint scanner for Galaxy Note 9

This year, Samsung tried to step up its design game via the launch of Galaxy S8 and the S8+. The Galaxy Note 8 is coming this month, and it has same design language as the S8 and S8+ with the infinity display and rear facing fingerprint scanner. Now, since Qualcomm has already showcased the in-screen fingerprint scanning technology at the NWC Shanghai, we are hoping to see phones with this technology soon. It was expected that Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the company’s first smartphone to feature this technology but a new report from KGI suggests something else.

Ming-Chi Kuo is a KGI Security analyst, and Business Insider even mentioned him as ‘The Most Accurate Apple Analyst In The World‘. He has now predicted some details about the next year’s high-end smartphones from Samsung, i.e., the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9. As per Kuo, the Galaxy S9 will not feature any in-screen fingerprint scanning technology as Samsung has planned to stick with the rear-facing fingerprint scanner on this phone also.

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galaxy s9 rear fingerprint scanner

Stating the reasons for this, here is what the report says –

Our prediction is based on:

(1) Synaptics’ optical fingerprint solution is facing technical issues relating to optical layer, making it difficult for the company to catch up with the mass production timeline for Galaxy S9.

(2) Competition from OLED iPhone, Galaxy S9’s biggest competitor.Since OLED iPhone has canceled under-display fingerprint recognition/ touch ID function, and as Galaxy S9 will have the new selling points of upgraded iris recognition and dual camera, Samsung does not need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry;

(3) Egis is potentially replacing Synaptics as the fingerprint IC design supplier of S9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications

Now coming to the Galaxy Note 9, it is going to have the fingerprint scanner embedded under the display. This will make it the first Samsung phone to feature this technology, this also has to be in your notice that the feature Samsung is going to get in its upcoming phone is already available with a best smartphone under 1000 INR, and you should check them out too. Here are the key points related to Galaxy Note 9’s under-screen fingerprint scanner –

(1) Samsung is likely cooperating with four suppliers at present: Samsung LSI, Egis, Synaptics and Goodix (CN);

(2) as Galaxy Note 9 needs new selling points, it is necessary for Samsung to add an optical fingerprint solution;

(3) The fact that Samsung simultaneously cooperates with Egis, Synaptics and Goodix means Samsung LSI’s optical fingerprint technology has likely yet to mature. Hence, Galaxy Note 9 will not necessarily adopt Samsung LSI’s solution;

(4) We believe Samsung LSI and Egis lead in optical fingerprint development among the four suppliers at present. Egis’ advantage lies in it being also an algorithm supplier, and able to optimize integration of software and hardware; and

(5) We forecast the wafer cost of optical fingerprint solution is 4-5 times that of its capacitive counterpart.

In the report, Kuo also predicted that Egis would replace Synaptics as Samsung’s largest fingerprint IC design supplier in 2018.

So, what do you think about this new report? Do let us know your opinions in the comments section below.