Google Pixel 8 Pro to feature a thermometer sensor

The first hands-on video of Pixel 8 Pro has surfaced online

The Google I/O took place more than a week ago, and Google announced a lot of new stuff, including new AI features, a foldable phone, a budget Pixel, and more. The premium Google Pixel phones usually launch in Q4 every year, and we expect the timeline to stay the same this year. We are getting the Google Pixel 8 & Google Pixel 8 Pro this year, and while the launch is months away, the first hands-on video of the Pixel 8 Pro is now here, showcasing an interesting feature.

Shared by 91Mobiles, the video shows the thermometer sensor on the Google Pixel 8 Pro. As you might’ve expected, this sensor will measure your body’s temperature and work like the contactless thermometer. All you need to do is bring the sensor close to your forehead (without the sensor touching the skin) and then tap the display to start measuring the temperature while you move the sensor from the forehead to the temple within 4 seconds.

Since it is Google bringing this feature to its phone, we can also expect this sensor to be used for other tasks. But still, it will be interesting to see whether this feature is another gimmick (like the Soli radar sensor on the Pixel 4) or whether it will be helpful.

As we have seen in the unofficial renders, this sensor is not on the vanilla Pixel 8, so it will be exclusive to the Google Pixel 8 Pro.