Google Pixel 4 has a Soli Radar chip & Face Unlock sensors on the front

Google doesn’t want to keep its upcoming Pixel 4 a secret anymore. The company has already given us a look at that square camera module on the back & today, Google officially revealed the arrangement of sensors on the front that will be used for Face Unlock & Motion sensing. There were rumors of the Soli Radar components & today, it was officially confirmed.

Google Pixel 4's Sensors
Google Pixel 4’s Sensors

If you don’t know, Google announced Project Soli in 2015 & from the past five years, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) is working on it. Soli is a motion-sensing radar & is used to sense the motions happening around the phone to take actions based on them. We know Google loves doing crazy stuff with software, so this time, let’s see what can be done with the Soli Radar chip & Google’s software algorithms.

As per Google, users can do tasks like Snooze the alarms, skip songs, silence the phone calls, all by simply waving the hand.

Apart from this, there are a lot of Face Unlock sensors so it looks like Apple’s Face ID is finally getting some real competition. Google says that If the face unlock sensors and algorithms recognise you, the phone will open as you pick it up, all in one motion.

No matter if you are holding your phone upside down, the Face Unlock still works. Just like last year’s Pixel phones, there is Titan M security chip, so the Face Data is stored securely there & it is not shared to any Google service.

Well, we saw that Google Pixel 3 wasn’t a big upgrade over the Pixel 2, but the Google Pixel 4 is going to be the biggest upgrade with multiple cameras, Soli radar chip, Face Unlock Sensors and a new design.