Galaxy S9 & S9+ may arrive with ‘Intelligent Scan’ feature

Samsung is all set to announce one of the much-awaited phones of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the S9+. A couple of days back, reputed leakster Evan Blass leaked out the press renders of the phones that suggested almost the same design from the front as last year’s S8 and S8+ except for that slightly thinner bottom bezel. We already know a lot about both phones, thanks to all the leaks that happened before. Today, we got to know about a new feature that might arrive with the S9 and S9+, called ‘Intelligent Scan.’

A developer checked the Settings app from Samsung and found a feature called ‘Intelligent Scan’ that is not yet available for the Galaxy Note 8 or S8 or even in the Oreo build for these phones. This feature is a combination of the traditional Iris Scanning and the facial recognition. As shown in the video above, this feature will be helpful in different lighting conditions. So, if there is no or very less light, the Iris Scanning can come handy while same is the case for Facial recognition when there is ample light available.

After digging more into the app, the developer found this entry –

“intToState intValue integer integer constant integerPart intelligentScanSid intelligent_rotation_mode intelligent_sleep_mode intendedFrameTimeNanos”

Intelligent Scan

Well, this reveals features like ‘Intelligent Rotation,’ ‘Intelligent Sleep Mode’ etc. So, we are expecting to see all these features along with the ‘Intelligent Scan’ in the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+. The launch will take place on February 25, so there is almost a month left for us to get more details of both phones. Stay Tuned.