Galaxy Note 8 Might Not Feature Screen-Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

It’s been two months since Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which are undoubtedly the best Android smartphones at the moment, not only regarding the features but also regarding the design. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the successor of the Note 7 i.e., the Galaxy Note 8. We all know what happened last year with the Note 7 so we aren’t gonna mention that in this post. This is a very good step by the company as they are continuing the Note series despite whatever happened last year. There were rumors till now that the phone will come with a screen embedded fingerprint scanner but seems like it is not going to happen, not this year for sure.

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Galaxy Note 8 Concept
**A Concept**

This information comes from a reliable source, and the source suggests that the Note 8 will feature the same rear-facing fingerprint scanner as on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. There might be a change in the position of the fingerprint scanner on the back as the phone is going to feature dual camera setup. And it is better as we know that a majority of users didn’t like the placement of fingerprint scanner on the S8 and S8+. Now, if you think why no screen-embedded fingerprint scanner this year, then here is what a Samsung official has said –

We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security.

Also, we came to know that  Samsung Electronics will continue research and development with companies such as CrucialTech, which has the technology. So, it seems that ‘screen-embedded fingerprint scanner’ is not yet coming with the Galaxy Note 8. Maybe it will arrive with the Galaxy S9’s launch in 2018. What are your views about this news? Do let us know via the comments section.