Choose FamiSafe App To Track Down Your Kid’s Location

Children born in the internet era are heavily exposed to new opportunities and learnings. But it also provides them unimaginable exposure towards the dark web purchases, cyberbullying, and online abuse. They are also exposed to predators who lurk behind their phone’s screen. To keep your children safe from unwanted situation, you might have been looking for effective parental monitoring applications for it. If you are not satisfied with the apps you come across, the FamiSafe parental control app is the one that you must opt for. 

It’s because the application will provide the location tracker and web monitoring option. But the application will deliver way beyond that. The application stands out as the best parental application for children tracker and will enable all the parents to keep a strict vigil on their tech-savvy children.

 Solutions of that FamiSafe App to keep track of children’s location

FamiSafe App

When it comes to tracking the locations of the children, this application provides two solutions for it. Look below!

  • Geofences: The application has the power to mark some of the geofences as a safe zone. This means, if your child leaves any one of the geofences, you will get altered immediately. The best thing about this parental application is that you can use the geofence flexibly along with other features, such as app control and screen time.
  • Smart Schedule: Through the FamiSafe App, you will not just track the location of your children, but also get to monitor their online activities. Apart from that, this children tracker app will also give you the chance to control their smartphones. Through Smart Schedule, you can easily set up a device-block schedule within certain times or areas, such as during school time or past bedtime. Doing so will enable them to block their devices within the given time. 

Features of the FamiSafe App

Being one of the best applications to track location, FamiSafe comes with unique features. To know what these features are, check the information below.

  1. Activity Report: Through this feature, you can see all your children’s activities every day. This tracking app will provide you information, such as the type of applications they are uninstalling and installing or have recently used. The feature will provide you a simple and easy way to check what your kids are up to when you are not watching or during your absence. 
  2. Location tracking: This particular feature is what makes this application a lot better. FamiSafe will provide you with accurate information and tracking abilities when it comes to tracking your children’s location. The tracking app will show you where they have previously gone through the useful Location History option. 
  3. The App Blocker: There are many applications out there, which are not suitable for young children. With the help of this feature, you can block those applications without any issues. On the other hand, you can set up limits to how much they can use the application. This will enable your kids to concentrate on other essential things, such as educational applications and doing school work.
  4. Website Filtering: There are some websites that you don’t want your children to visit. For that, FamiSafe will help you. The application’s website filtering feature will enable you to set up limits for certain websites or categories. You will also get the power to stop them from visiting violent or harmful websites or block their access right away.
  5. Suspicious Text Monitoring: This family tracking app comes with this unique feature, where you will receive alerts or notifications when controversial and suspicious words are entered within the search option. You must stay informed whether your children are talking about drugs or something worse than that. 

FamiSafe App: The pricing

The price of this advanced and reliable family tracking app is pretty competitive and costs much less than the other applications. Also, the application comes with several subscription models, such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. You can opt for the monthly subscription of FamiSafe for $5.99 on 5 devices, and the quarterly one is $19.99 for 10 devices. Lastly, for the yearly subscription, you can install this particular application for $59.99 that will work perfectly on 30 devices without any issues.

To install the application, you can check the links listed below. Check them out!

Can the children uninstall the application?

In short, no, they cannot do so. To uninstall the application completely, one needs to log in to the FamiSafe App account to get the job done. He/she has to provide the correct passport and user name and then remove the application of the children’s smartphone. But for the parent’s device, it’s a bit different. If you have a FamiSafe on your device, you can easily uninstall or remove the application just like all the other mobile applications. 


You might be able to ace parenting, but you can at least give it a try. For that, the FamiSafe App stands out as the best solution for you. This kid tracking application will elevate your parenting skills and the child’s safety. This application is ideal for all those working parents who do not have the time to check on their kids. But with this application, you will stay well informed about all their activities.

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