9 Best Tech News apps for Android (2019)


” A good newspaper is the nation talking to itself,” quoted by Arthur Miller.  Well gone are the days when people were quite often sighted with a newspaper in their hands. Today instead of newspapers, we have smartphones in our hands. The smartphones have eventually turned into a mini television for us where we can watch all the news. The most fantastic part is we can have all the information with so much ease. 

Yeah!! Everybody knows this part…..but what’s new. A dramatic rise has been observed in technologies. Almost every day, a new innovative gadget or a new application or new product is launched. It is hectic and cumbersome to surf through different websites to know all the news update about it. It results in a lot of effort and time being consumed.

Specifically speaking, some tech news apps that are launched are designed to cater to the needs of the tech-savvy folks. A common notion found in tech lovers is that they have this constant eagerness or urge to stay newfangled about everything happening in the technology industry. What’s coming and what’s going? Just Everything! 

To provide the tech enthusiasts, with all that they want in only one destination; developers have worked immensely hard to incorporate apps that gives News and updates about every technology, product, or gadget in general. A win-win situation. 

Developers – 1 | Tech Enthusiasts – 1

Way to go!

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Enlisted below are some of the best tech news apps for Android that have gained massive attention from a large number of people –


Best Tech News Apps for Android
Beebom Android App

Beebom is the app available on Play Store where you can get all the technology-related updates. All the News is present in a crisp headline so that you can read in short about it and know. But, if you are eager to learn more about it in detail, you can always go for the ‘Read More’ option. The most profound and beloved section is the ‘Trending today ‘ section, which has exceptionally cool gestures.

 You can swipe right and swipe left to switch between stories and swipe down to end the story. The update of this app features portrait videos as well. It also supports the Dark Mode feature. You can also bookmark articles and like articles too. The app is free. Bonus point it is also ad-free.

In short, it is one of the best tech news apps for Android that you can install. New features are added regularly.



Best technology apps for android
Feedly Android App

Unlike Flipboard, Feedly provides proper feed reader and makes a subscription to your favorites easy and quick. After launching the app, you have to click on the Tech option to get news related to technology only and subscribe to the websites. If your favorite technology website is not on the list, you can search and add them. Here, several personal feeds can be created. People find it convenient because they can create different private spaces for different categories.

The features that this app supports are auto mark read function,  a dark mode, and third-party read it later apps support, and even you can share it on social media through the option available. The only backdrop is of pricing. You have to pay the price for the various subscription now or then. You can never get away with the pricing strategies of this app. And the pricing is not affordable too and a bit expensive. But, it is worth downloading if you like to be up-to-date about the latest technology since good things always come with a price.


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News Republic Best technology apps for android
News Republic Android App

Appy Geek was a very cool app which later was discontinued by News republic. News republic majorly covers all the broad topics, which is very impressive. It has outlived Appy Geek in all the ways. The tech area is refined and solid. On the homepage, you can select the Tech column by horizontal scrolling. You can follow different websites by clicking the follow button. Based on your interest, you can follow any number you want.

There is a video tab if you wish to see the video rather than reading. Both international and national versions are available. Ah! Quite a relief for people who want tech news worldwide. Head to settings to make this change.



Drippler Best tech news apps for android
Drippler Android App

The name of this app sounds like dripping honey on a plate of fresh pancakes….hmmm my mouth has started watering…. anyways, Drippler does not necessarily fall into the tech news app category but serves a slightly more exceptional purpose. It provides the readers with the latest trends and News in technology, but it is not why primarily it is developed. The main reason why it is launched is to give all the tips and tricks of your mobile phone.

It quickly recognizes the phone model, the OS, and version of it as soon as you launch it. The UI is somewhat crowded, but it is free, so it can be used once in a while to know all the hidden tricks of your phone. Be smarter than your phone.



Hacker News Best tech news apps for android
Hacker News Android App

Hacker news has gained a lot of attention by tech enthusiasts over time. It is the most visited apps by entrepreneurs, investors, and startups to keep them up to date of all the tech happenings taking place. This app is free to use and is ad-free. You can always adjust the readability mode and font sizes. This app is widely prevalent among readers. 

Recently the creator of the app, Paul Graham, stated that there were a lot of complaints about the application being biased towards featuring stories about Y Combinator. But he says that they are fair and no biasing is done on their part. I am smelling controversies. Whatever it may be, the app is excellent.


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Techmeme Best technology news apps for android
Techmeme Android App

(Not a meme page though). TechMeme is a great app that gives you access to all the relevant News that matters. TechMeme is upgraded for better over all these years of development. The home page has a headline with a small description and a snippet enclosed within. If you want only the headlines and no explanation whatsoever, then you can click on the river link. 

There is an area for events where you can know about all the significant tech events that are taking place around the world. You can even add these to your phone’s calendar by clicking on the link present below the page. You can use Feedly to run the domain of this app, and it will work without fail. This app is free.

Since we like to surprise our readers, we present them with some more apps for sufficing their hunger for keeping up-to-date of all the tech news.



Tech Crunch Best technology news apps for android
Tech Crunch Android App

The app is a little bit different from other apps. The articles contain the News along with reviews and the very own personal opinions of the writers. The reports gathered are well reliable, as some of the writers are celebrities itself who have a reach in the big technological company. 

An excellent space for novice entrepreneurs for having innovative ideas. Definitely one of the best tech news apps.



Medium Best technology news apps for android
Medium Android App

A beautiful app based on a very different concept. And a platform for those who do a freelance reading (haha….if that is even something). Medium is a space where the writers share their personal experiences and perspectives. The articles have an exciting way of narrating the very creative News. 

You will find more write-ups based on future technologies, startups, projects that you could be a part. Instead from the ‘best of’ usual series. In all this particular app can give you a different experience.


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New Technology apps
CNET Android App

CNET is the leading app. It features the biggest stories of all time and reviews product that you wish to own shortly. It is the tech news hub as a tech fan. As a tech fan myself, I would recommend this app to users.

If you do not have much time, you can always watch the featured stories on this app, which has editorial picks on all the trends tech industry faces. This app has a broad content coverage. It has breaking news which covers features, news, and reviews of various products, trends, and so on in the tech world. If you are planning in buying any product Go Nowhere!, head here and you have in-depth reviews pricing and comparisons available just on a click.

It provides recommendations too if you are looking forward to buying gadgets but are very confused about which one fits your budget and feature list. You have review videos available about products you have searched on this app. You are just one step away from purchasing the gadgets at the best price on this app. 

CNET is no doubt the go-to source for people who want news that they care about with reviews, pictures, and videos of the latest trends and news in the tech world.



Tech enthusiasts have this constant urge to get up to date of all the technology that is upcoming. They can browse through various sites, but it becomes a lot of cumbersome. For these reasons developing tech apps for Android and iOS was essential to keep up with their needs. These were some of the best tech news apps that provide all the tech-savvy News for folks at one place, and they do not have to surf different websites and waste time. These apps are a real time saver. 

All in all, these technology news apps for Android are efficient and worthy for all the attention they grab from techno-lovers.

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