9 BEST Instagram story template apps you should try


Instagram started only as a Social Media app where people can share their life moments with people across the world. It did not take much time for Instagram to become a Social Media Industry. As people started to commercialize their feed with advertisements through Blogging, it created an entirely new opportunity as Social Media Influencer. Soon after different brands started to collaborate with content creators to advertise their products. 

As we all are moving towards Social Media, Instagram has become a big part of our lives. Especially, after Instagram Stories feature, it has made it easier for the people to share anecdotes of their lives with their friends and family. 

Best Instagram Story Template Apps
Best Instagram Story Template Apps

We are always up to date with what our friends are doing. For a blogger or a social media influencer, content is key to engage any audience. Their followers always want to know what they are up to. They want to know the brands they are collaborating with, their routines, their travel diaries, and so much more. If their feed looks good and creative, the brands would also want to collaborate with them. But the catch is that the content they are creating is unique and engaging. Their followers must enjoy the content they are putting on Social Media. 

The young generation is becoming more and more creative, interactive, and engaging with their content on both Instagram feed and Instagram stories. There is a lot of competition on social media. Unique and out of the box content creates more opportunities for the people to notice you. It helps you grow. The more unique your content will be, the larger the audience you will reach. 

Not just for the brands and advertisements. Instagram also gives you a platform for you to explore your creativity. People do create photography and videography pages to showcase their work. It has become an excellent platform for people to experiment with different types of photography edits, videography edits, writing styles, and a lot more. Anything that is healthy and can engage the audience well becomes a trend on Instagram. And it’s essential to keep up with the fast-paced changing world. 

Free Instagram Story Templates
Free Instagram Story Templates

Indeed, Instagram stories are the best way to connect with followers. Brands, Social Media Influencers, and Bloggers are trying to engage their followers through their stories. They are constantly experimenting with different mobile applications, software, and features to come up with unique and entertaining content. 

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Everything we talked about so far might sound very technical and costly. But to ease everything, we are listing down a couple of apps which are a mix of both paid and unpaid features. You can use either of them as per your taste and requirements. We assure you that all these apps are easy to use and understand. None of them require you to be an expert in editing. You can use them with ease and comfort. 

For the bonus, such applications will help you create engaging content and will level-up your Instagram Story game. All you have to do is come up with the idea and execute it via these applications. 

All the applications are available for both Android and IOS. They are as follows – 


Unfold Best Instagram Story Template Apps
Unfold Android App

Using templates for your Instagram stories is a simple and easy way to be more creative with the content. And using extensive software can be a bit tricky to use. The app Unfold comes in handy for the use, right on your phone. 

Unfold came in the market in 2019 with its templates and modernity. And soon enough, it is a must use. You can use different templates like a filmstrip, unfold frame template, polaroid, aesthetic unfold template, and minimalist borders for posts. Not only that, but it also allows you to review your story in “Story Mode,” hitting the post option. 

Unfold is one of the apps which are easy to use and understand. So, if you are looking to get free Instagram story templates, this app is a must-have. 



Canva Best Instagram Story Template Apps
Canva Android App

Canva is another app for your Instagram stories. It comes with a lot of ready-made templates along with the ability to customize them or make a completely new template by using an online drawing tool to create your own designs.

So, it is yet another app to free Instagram story templates. There are thousands of background options, 130 fonts, and a lot of different graphics to design your stories. 

Once you have understood Canva, you can add great themes to your Instagram stories and make it more engaging. The part of this app is that its very user-friendly. One of the best Instagram story template apps to try. 


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Inshot no crop photo editor
Inshot Android App

Have you ever wondered if you could get a photo and a video editor in one app? The InShot is one such app. You can use this app not only for Instagram stories but also for other platforms too. But one thing you must keep in mind, you must select the “Canvas” option before starting to edit for Instagram stories. This will make sure that the dimensions of your project are well adjusted to the size of the stories of Instagram. 

InShot Video Editor app allows you to use your shot videos to resize and crop them as per your requirements. More than that, you can also have a video playing in the background of any picture of your choice. 

With InShot, none of your shots will ever go in vain.  It is a perfect Instagram Story Editor App. 



Later Best Instagram Story Template Apps
Later Android App

Regular updates on Instagram keep the audience engaged to your feed, but you must plan the time you’d want to upload a new story. It’s not all times that a lot of people would be active. For instance, it is said 10 am to 12 am, 5 pm to 7 pm and 9 pm to 12 pm are the most suitable times to upload anything on Social Media especially Instagram as people are most active at these times. The developers also understand that it’s not always that people would be able to upload it at that time. To address this concern, there is an app named Later. In this app, you can schedule your stories, and your posts are your time. 

All you have to do is drop the stories you want to upload on the Storyboard option. You can arrange them as per the order and time you want. You can also add captions or links to your stories. 

You will receive a notification whenever it’s time to post the new story or a news feed. When you open the notification, the story you scheduled will be downloaded and the caption will be copied to your phone’s clipboard and then you can post it on Instagram within seconds. 


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You are reading – Best Instagram Story Template Apps.


Adobe Spark Post Free Instagram Story Templates
Adobe Spark Post Android App

Adobe is the most widely used application for professional editing software. And Adobe Spark Post makes the task of editing your stories or posts, easy and straightforward. It is user-friendly and straightforward to understand. 

You can choose different templates, fonts, filters, and many more features to make your Instagram stories aesthetic. 



Mojo Free Instagram Story Templates
Mojo Android App

Times change and so do the trends. Your followers are always looking for something different and more engaging. Adding animations to your feed makes it so much easier to engage the audience. 

Mojo app is the answer you’re looking for. It helps you add animations to your stories. They do come with a few ready-made templates, you customize them as per your needs and also create your own. You can trim your templates, add animations, colors, and so much more. 

Mojo app helps your feed to stand out. 



Over Free Instagram Story Templates
Over Android App

If you’re someone who is looking to create a brand name on Instagram. Over app is exactly the app, you must be looking for. We agree that it doesn’t have a library as huge as Canva, but it does have a big library for you to choose from. All the templates are top-notch and will make your feed aesthetic. 

It has attractive graphics with eye-catching designs. Over gives you the liberty to change the background, modify the colors, and many more. Over app has a mix of both free and paid features. 


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Story Maker Instagram Story Editor Apps
Story Maker Android App

It is somewhat similar to the Insta Story app. Story Maker is loaded with a huge library of templates. It has a lot of filters to improvise your images.  The templates in the app are completely free. The only bug in this app is that it will keep showing advertisements once you select a template. 

Apart from this, if you are someone who has just entered the editing world, Story Maker is a great app for you to start with. 

Surely, individual photos and videos add their charm to Instagram stories, but once in awhile, it’s best to add variety to the regular feed. Not only does it help you stand out but also lets you experiment with your creative side.



PhotoGrid Instagram Story Editor Apps
PhotoGrid Android App

Photogrid is another well-known app. It is easy to use to make collages for your videos and pictures to post on Instagram stories. It has more than 300 collage templates, makeup, and beautifying features and a lot more.

Not only stories, but you can also use it to make memes and customize your images while you click them via Photogrid app. You can also make your personalized GIFs to post. 


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Indeed, images and videos have their charm to your stories. It is engaging and a big attention grabber to edit your posts here and there once in a while. It will help your feed become more aesthetic, and you can also explore your creative side. 

So, these were some of the Best Instagram Story Template apps, and some of these provide free Instagram story templates. Do you think there needs to be any other app in the list? Do let us know via the comments section below.