‘Nacho Notch — Notch Hider’ is an app for those who hate notches

Each year, we see a new trend in the smartphone market. Last year, it was all about the 18:9 displays and dual cameras while this year, it’s all about the notches. Till now a lot of phones have launched with a notch on top, and the list includes phones like Asus Zenfone 5, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, Oppo R15, Vivo X21, Vivo V9 and more. In fact, even OnePlus 6 is coming with a notch as it was officially revealed by the Co-Founder (Carl Pei) himself. Phones like the Huawei P20 offer features to hide the notch if you don’t like it. It is done by making the status bar black.

Nacho Notch — Notch Hider
Image Via – XDA

A developer followed the same idea to make an Android app named ‘Nacho Notch — Notch Hider’ that lets you hide the notch if your Android smartphone has one. As the description of the app on the Google Play Store says –

Nacho Notch colours the status bar black while the device is in the portrait orientation, making it better fit with the notch (thereby “hiding” it). Even if you don’t have a notch, but still want a black status bar, you can use the app too. It dynamically finds the height of your status bar, so you won’t be dealing with too little or too much height or finicky manual sizing

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It is pretty simple to activate. You need to add a Quick Setting Tile of Nacho Notch — Notch Hider’ app, and then, you can turn On or Off the app from the Quick Settings menu. You will have to permit it to ‘Draw Over Other apps’ so that it does its job perfectly. The OnePlus 6 also has the option to hide the notch, and the LG G7 is also rumoured to come with the same feature (Since it has a notch too!).


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