Facebook’s upcoming update will allows users to remove notification dots

The upcoming Facebook update will allow Android users to turn off notification dots for some icons, & users will also be able to remove these icons altogether. It means with this update Facebook will give you the complete access of your tabs. You would manually select the shortcut buttons that you need. Facebook confirmed that the Shortcut Bar setting is now being rolled out.

Additionally, some iOS users are already taking advantage of these shortcut settings, and Android users should get the update in a few weeks.

According to TechCrunch, users can turn off the notification dots for Watch, Marketplace, and profile. Moreover, you can even remove these three icons from the bottom bar as well. To turn off the notification dots for the Watch icon, long-press on its icon, then tap on turn off notification dots. Likewise, if you want to remove other icons for that long-press on the icon and select the option β€œRemove from the shortcut bar.” You can use the same process for the other shortcut bars.

Well, what if you want these icons back in your shortcut bar again, go to Settings & Privacy menu, then click on settings, then click on the shortcut bar option, and here you can turn the shortcuts ON/OFF.