SuperSU ZIP Download – Latest Flashable ZIP V2.82 & APK File

Rooting is the best way to unleash the full potential of your Android smartphone. If you haven’t tried rooting your phone, you might now know the awesome things that you can do with it. You can check out this great article by DroidRax which explains it pretty well. Also, below is a video by TheAndroidGuy which shows the same thing.

It is very important to have an app that manages all the Root related tasks like Granting or Revoking root access to or from the apps or removing the Root from the phone etc. Those who are into this Rooting thing know that SuperSU (Developed by Chainfire) is the best when it comes to the Root Management apps. You have to flash the SuperSU ZIP file first and then install the APK (most of the time the App gets installed when you reboot the phone after flashing the ZIP file). The latest version if 2.82 and it comes with some important fixes to the bugs present in the previous version, i.e., 2.80.

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Download Latest SuperSU ZIP

Chainfire revealed the bug fixes in the latest version on the official Google Plus profile.  He mentioned –

Two very minor bugfix releases.

A new TWRP was released for the Google Pixel series, now with proper Oreo support. Unfortunately, flashing both TWRP and SuperSU broke TWRP (booting TWRP and flashing SuperSU was fine). This has been corrected with this update.

Aside from that, Oreo devices using file-based encryption refuse to boot with an unencrypted data partition. This update adds a workaround for this. The Pixel is the only device I currently have with this requirement (though it will become the new normal in time), so I’ve only properly tested it on that. This will allow you to flash back unencrypted backups to previously encrypted devices on the stock+rooted firmware. 

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As mentioned above, the latest version if V2.82 and you can download the latest ZIP file below. We have also added the link to download the APK from the Google Play Store.





It is important to keep in mind that you need a custom recovery installed on your Android smartphone to flash any external ZIP files. We recommend the TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) recovery as it is the most popular among all of the custom recoveries like CWM etc. The latest TWRP version is 3.2.1-0, and you can download it from the official website.  Just make sure that it is available for your Android phone. If it isn’t, no need to worry as XDA is there to help you. You can find unofficial TWRP recovery for your phone on XDA Forum in case your phone is not listed on the official TWRP website.

Anyways, talking about the steps to flash SuperSU ZIP on your phone, here is how to do it –

  • Make sure that the ZIP file is in the SD Card of your phone. You can either download the ZIP file on your PC and then move it into the phone’s SD card or download the file directly from the phone and place in on the SD card.
  • Once done, reboot into recovery mode. Now, the process to reboot into recovery mode might differ for different phones so, here is an article that will help you out.
  • Now, once you are in the recovery mode, tap on ‘Install’ and then select the ‘SuperSU ZIP’ file that you downloaded and placed on the SD card in the first step.
  • If you are using TWRP, simply swipe right to flash the ZIP file. In a few seconds, the ZIP file will be successfully flashed, and you can then reboot the phone.
  • You will see that the Latest SuperSU APK is also installed after flashing the ZIP file and rebooting the phone. Well, your phone is rooted now and you can manage all the Root related permissions from the SuperSU App.

Well, that’s all about the SuperSU ZIP, what’s new in the latest version and how to flash the ZIP file via custom Recovery. If you have any issues, then let us know via the comments section. We will try to help asap.