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YouTube Go Hits Google Play Store with Video Downloading Feature



YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google. Last year, Google announced a new data-centric app called YouTube Go, and today, the app has got its place on the official Google Play Store with the ‘Unreleased’ tag.  Just as Google mentioned last year, this app is made for those who have limited data and hence, it is a really small app with a size of 10MB.

Well, Google is still testing this new app that’s why it is still in Beta and you’ll be able to download it from the play store by signing up as a Beta Tester.  One of the main features os this new app is that it lets users save the videos offline in low quality to watch it later when they have very less data or even when they have no data. In other words, users can download the YouTube videos to watch them later. Whenever you are Streaming or Downloading any video from this app, it will show you the amount of Data consumed.  Let’s talk about the features of the YouTube GO.

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We all remain concerned about our Data ( except the ones having unlimited data), and hence, this new app is made to use your precious data in as less quantity as possible. With this new app, you get a preview feature that lets you preview the videos before you decide to watch them or save them offline. There are two different modes in the app named ‘Basic’ and ‘Standard’. Well, none of the two let you watch the videos in HD or Full HD because this app is meant to save the data. It will let you watch the video in a low resolution and hence saving your data. You can –

  • Choose to download or stream
  • Preview videos before you download or watch
  • Choose how many MBs you spend on videos


Feature of YouTUbe GO

Just like watching videos, the same thing applies for downloading videos as you can choose from ‘Low Quality’ or ‘Standard Quality’ to save your video.  You can Save and watch videos without buffering even when you have a slow connection. By this new feature, you can save any video you like in low or standard quality, and then, you can watch that video any time without having to waste your data. You can –

  • Download videos to your phone or SD card
  • Play them without buffering
  • Watch them anytime, anywhere – even with slow or no internet connection
  • Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost


This feature will surely appeal to many users because it lets you share videos with friends who are close by. As per Google, this whole sharing process happens using the WiFI Direct feature, and hence, it requires no data. You can share videos with family and friends without using data.  You can-

  • Share with friends and family nearby
  • Video transfer uses no data
  • Super fast speed: send videos in seconds
  • Once received, a quick 15KB internet security check allows you to play the video

Overall, this is surely a useful application. Haven’t you tried it yet? Well, tap the button below and download the all new YouTube Go app from the Google Play Store. Make sure to Sign up as Beta Tester.



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